Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rain Room at the Modern Museum of Art...

The MoMa's Rain Room is the most incredible exhibit that will only be here for one more month. So wherever you live and whatever you are doing, stop, fly here, and go.  It's tricky to see though. General admission's line is anywhere from 2-4 hour because they only allow 10 people inside at a time and you can stay for as long as you desire. But MoMa members  have early hours option at 9:30. And they can get 5 guests in. So I went with 5 other girls and we split the membership 6 ways which actually comes out to be much cheaper than the general admission fee. Perhaps that is too much information, moral of the story is that sometimes you just have to work it in the city and find the loopholes. 

So they rain room is one huge room of pouring rain but wherever you walk a simulator above causes the rain to stop above you. So you never get wet, unless you walk too quickly. There is a strong light shining at one end of the room that makes for a neat illusion to the dark room. Checketts are obsessed with the rain room. I've been twice, each time with over an hour wait. Worth it for sure. 

Baby Bubble silhouette is my favorite. 

Charles loved it but Clyde was a bit apprehensive. Love this pic of Natalie loving on him. 

All these were taken with my iphone by the way. Thank you Steve Jobs. 

"Just look to the light."

The first time I went they allowed umbrellas. The second time I went, they didn't. 

Yeah the 2nd time we went we wore our PJ's. It's a tough thing to get the boys out the door by 8 to stand in line. 

Group shot minus a friend that the photographer cut off. 

One of my friends got this. Her phone captured the red exit light.

Wheeled the boys chariot out in the rain to get a pic. It's apart of us. 

selfie in the rain room

Waiting outside the rain room to get in. Natalie is good with the twins. 

We were done by 10 so we headed to our favorite spot in the park. 

This pics of Lizzie is too great not to share. Lizzie and the San Remo.

World's largest Lego...

World's largest Lego Sculpture? Sure, why not.  We heard this ginormous lego reveal was in Times Square so we headed that way to see what it was about.  I was actually in Times Sq the night before trying to win Matilda tickets and saw a stage being setup. I had something else in mind but this was really neat. It is far more detailed than you can see from afar. You could even climber in the 'drivers seat' where there was a panel of controllers. I think it was made in the Czech and will soon be on display at the Legoland in CA.  Over 5 million pieces...

I must admit I've never seen Star Wars.

We were hanging around a bit waiting for the photo booth to open and it started pouring. Everyone panicked and rain for shelter. It was amazing to see Times Square clear out so quickly. Even the red steps vacated. Never seen them empty before as they're the lookout spot for Time Sq. We didn't have out rain cover so we got dumped on. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Coney Island...

Andrew ran the Brooklyn 1/2 marathon again this year (last year here). As great of a day it ended up being, the twins and I had a horrific time getting there. Last year, we just hopped on the right subway that was direct for an hour 15 minutes. I didn't realize, but this year service was down due to Sandy so I had to get off, take a bus, get back on the subway, which ended up being a 2.5 hour deal. We missed Daddy at the finish line and never got a chance to see his siblings that ran as well as a hand full of friends. But we had a great day once we arrived. Here's to Coney Island...

Compare this shot to the one last year when they were just a few months old. 

The twins fell asleep right when we arrived to Coney Island. So we strolled them to the beach and hung out there an hour until they woke up. Had a good walk on the Boardwalk following and then headed for some rides...

A member of the NYRR (NY Road Runner's Association) came up and asked to take a picture of Charles with his medal. She was so respectful. Long story short, she got Andrew into the NY Marathon for this November.  


Family pic in the Wonder Wheel.

We rode this one many times. Look at this face--


We had the greatest time at their carnival/fair because there was hardly anyone there. The kids was in heaven just roaming around. 

The view of the beach from the Wonder Wheel. An empty beach here is a rare sight. An overcast day turned out to be the best thing in Coney Island because no crowds. 

We never pass up a carrousel or a photo-booth. 

We were able to travel direct home thankfully, but the ride was long enough we got the twins out of their stroller. First time being exposed to the elements of the subway in full glory. Straight to the tub when we walked in the door. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marionette Theater in Central Park...

The twins are still very young to sit through a 45 minute puppet show. But I thought it would be good practice sitting there while they still qualify as being free. We lasted about 20 minutes before I had to take them out. From what we saw, Pippi was really cute and very well done. The theatre is perfectly adorable too with small rows of wooden benches. We'll be back in a couple years...

Horrible pic but I sat closer to the back and this is the far in zoom on my phone.

When I took the boys out and waited on friends to get done, we enjoyed the Shakespeare gardens that are really neat. I'm in love with the wooden fences.

Love this picture. Triplets with James!