Monday, September 22, 2008

Honeymoon Part II... New Zealand

I guess we had mentioned we were honeymooners when we booked the trip through TAUCK. They most of told all the hotels that they booked because we had plesant surprises like this at the hotels we went too.
The aquarium of Auckland that is underwater.

The War Museam of Auckland. It was amazing. I had heard about it but I had no idea. My family full of histroy buffs would have spent all day here. Islanders performing the Haka.
Lord of the Rings... everywhere we went in New Zealand seemed to be a Lord of the Rings film spot.
The Longland farms was a typical family farm of New Zealand. It was neat though to experience it firsthand. Cows and sheep are everywhere. It's really beautiful to see. There milk is really good--all natural. Their cows look different cause they are not on steroids. They are much smaller of coarse. Most of the world's milk comes from here. NZ is also known for their wool. Everyone goes crazy with buying wool sweaters in NZ cause it is so warm and pure wool. I just didnt like the look though. This particular farm thought we were able to roam the area. It is really beautiful--very green. They dont use ugly fences to pience off the land and pastures. Rather, they have beautiful thick hedges that segregate the pastures.

At the Sheep show at the Agrodome in the middle of no where but beauty.

Sheering the sheep. It was neat to learn about the different types of sheep and whool and what they are used for. He did this is less than 5 minutes time.

The Baths of Rotorua close to the gysers and mud baths.
Steaming gysers... so interesting to learn about. Mud mask good for the skin.
Mud pools out of the ground.

The islander that toured us around the gysers.

Mt. Cook is behind us. However, we were unlucky and couldnt see the peak because it was such a clowdy day. We weren't able to take the helocopter ride either that we had signed up for. Apparently, there are 13 peaks in the shape of a U that are all over 13,000 ft. Mt. Cook being the highest. This mt. is preep for Mt. Everest becuase of it's tough terrain. This national park is in the middle of no where really. We were just there for the afternoon before we headed to a small town that is driving distance to the Milford Sound.

I really do think the Milford Sound is the most beautiful place in the world. It is hard to explain but it's unreal. The drive is beauituful. Then we took this boat and were through it. What makes it a milford as opposed to a canyon is that the glacier moved it back in the day as opposed to water erroding its way thtough it. It is a lot like the Grand Canyong though. Tall sides yet with greenry on it. And the water is glacier runoff and crystal blue.

There were quite a few waterfalls running off the side as well.
The Nevis Bungy jump. 3rd highest in the world I believe. It was an 8 second freefall. Andrew was looking forward to this the entire trip.

He survived
We had to ride in a gondala to get out to the jump. (No I did not jump)
View of Queenstown from our balcony. It was a cute quant town. Basacially, it's a thrill town. College kids were here from the America. NZ doesnt have the liabilities that America does. It's every man for themself. There are hang gliding and all sorts of crazy things to do here. The jet boats are especially popular. They were so scary. The boat can go on 5 inches of water and it winds through rocks and goes right up next to them. They go 60+ mph and then do a 360 turn. I asked if they've had people die and they said yes but that their percentages were faily low. I'm not sure if I'd do that jet boat again. But I'm glad I can say I've done it.

This is a picture from the internet becuase I haven't scanned the one we bought yet but this is to get the idea...
We asked at the visitor center for a good walking trail. He told us it was about a two mile walk. He failed to tell us it was incredibly steep. It was well worth it though. Out last stop of our honeymoon was Christchurch...

The Canterbury museam was really interesting. They had an Antartica exhibit as well as historial things to the country. I love observing fine china. They had some amazing pieces here that were so intricate.
So beautiful!

They called this "punting in the park." It's basacially a gondala ride. All cozy...
The main church in Christchurch.
Neat to see the old tramways that stroll through town.

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