Friday, October 31, 2008

more of the same

The photographer from BYU sent us more of the pics that we took that day. I always like having more pics of us together. Andrew is so handsome it kills me sometimes...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Closure to ACL chapter

For a few years, the ACL tears was a big part of my life. If it wasn't the rehab battle it was the battle of the mind. I can't even begin to explain how good it felt to drop off the last of my knee bills recently in the training room and walk out of there feeling like I had washed my hands clean of it. I remember the night I tore my ACL the first time, my brother Harold gave me a blessing that said I would experience full recovery. I believed it that with no doubt till I tore it again. Even then I was confidant I would overcome. But when I had the struggle to actually being back 100% on the court, something was missing. It was frustration. Perhaps it would have taken time. However, I knew it was time for me to move on. It wasn't till recently (1 year later) that I was turning in the remnants of my 3rd knee surgery bill that I walked out of the training room reminded of Harold's prayer that he gave on my behalf 3 years earlier. It was so clear... I had at last healed to complete recovery. Do I still experience aches and pains? Of course. But I'm active with workouts and even play on a co-ed bball team with Drew and Harold. If things were to happen on my own time table I would have been good to go within the year of the first tear. However, there was a more intricate plan that I had to trust. And looking back, I wouldn't do a thing different. I couldn't be more happy with where I'm at and who I'm with. My husband Andrew is so wonderful. I can't even begin to describe how much I love and adore him. By far, he's the best thing that has ever happened. Perhaps the 'knee thing' had to happen for me to slow down and allow other things to come into my life.

The following is an article Stacy wrote in the Daily Universe about this 'blast from the past." I love how it included my husband. He was the light at the end of the tunnel.

To read the full story, click here.

Halloween Decor

At my scrapbooking class last week, I sat across from the kindest lady who though she works full time, her husband is the at home Dad. He goes crazy with his decorations. In fact he syncs a 7 minute Halloween type thingy to watch. You have to tune into 106.5 to follow. So last night, we went with some friends to see it. It was pretty neat...
The following two links are articles in relation to this spooky house.,5143,695221333,00.html,5143,650201241,00.html

Pass the Pigs

Last night we had Stacy & Pierce and Meghan & Greg over for a joint FHE. Meghan and Andrew have many great years of memories considering they are 'bestest cousins.' Stacy and I lived across frome each other freshman year and even lived together our Sop. year. Andrew and I were in charge of dinner (steaks!) and Meg and Greg prepared the spirtual thought. Stacy and Pierce introduced us to a new game... Pass the Pigs! It was so much fun. It's a mindless game really but easy to get into. The pigs act as dice and the way they land gives you a certain amount of points. You can keep rolling the pigs to get more points but if they land a certain way than all your points are washed away. Not only are the little pigs (they even have little utters) adoreable to hover over, but everyone seems to get a little zealous in getting more points so it's intense when a built up amount of points is lost.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

CROP till you DROP

One of my best friends from home--Jennifer Trahan's mom is a Creative Memories consultant. So I got involved with scraptbooking through her years ago and just love it. I found it a great release from the fast pace lifestyle of bball. After our Honeymoon, I decided I really want to get back into it...especially since I am done with ball and graduated. I worked a bit this summer but yesterday realy kicked off the motivation for me.

I went to a "Crop till you drop" class (11:00am-11:00pm) with one of the consultants out here. I looked her up on the internet. It always helps to go to a class because no only are they fun but you're able to really sit down and crunch out some pages without other distractions. I always am missing dia-cut letters and papers so I like to be at a class that has inventory there as well when needed

Anyway, there were about 15 people there. I was new to the group. They are all diehards that all know each other from previous classes. They were so warm in welcoming me. I think they were happy to have a new face. I was the youngest there by many years and they looking at my cute husband in honeymoon pics.

I sat at a table of 3 other ladies. All of which were so interesting and friendly. One just so happened to be my mother-in-laws best friends sister from New Cannan. It was a small world how it came together. She was asking about my husband and where he was from. I said CT and she wanted to know where. Calli then got her sister on the phone and we had a good chat talking about common denominators. There was another lady that works full time and her husband with the MBA is the stay at home dad. She is VP of another scrapbooking company. It was funny... she didn't tell her husband what she was doing. Rather, he thought she was at work. She had to leave at 8 because that is about the time she gets home from work. She was really interesting to talk to. And then the other lady had been to Monroe quite a bit because her husband does work down there. All of these lady's have amazing books and are All-American moms the way the keep track of their family memories.

We had a potluck dinner too with what everyone brought. I can't wait till my next class. I got so much done. I wish I had a pic of the mess I had going on with scraps of paper, tools ect. It took me 30 min. just to set up shop and sort things out and 30 min to clean up. Thats really why I can't just scrapbook free will. I have to plan out the block of time.

With time I'll go digital. I love the traditional scrapbooking but the digital is really taking off. You still get to form your layout by dragging all the different things bought from online. I have enough product online I dont want to have to buy digitally as well for now. But I need to move in that direction. There were aobut 8 ladies there with their laptops doing their books. I love using my hand but we'll see...

Here are some pages. I'm so proud of my book. When people come over I like to show em. Is that weird?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston 5-- Extra day

Everyone left on Sunday except Mom and I stayed an extra day to hang with the Miss Pregno. It was a total girls day. Helen took us to the most amazing antique jewlry boutique. We got fruit smooties and lounged quite a bit too. Cutler (8 months in the womb) made himself known so we rested up most of the day. The best part of the day was seeing little Dixon go to school. He has school two days a week for 3 hours. He loves it. He runs right it and starts playing. It was neat to see how nice the school was too. They do a good job with kids. He gets a report card too that talks about what he enjoys and how much he ate ect. I wasn't surprised when they reported that he has no interest in watching movies. But he loves playing with the toy horses. He is no doubt of Abell blood.

# 1 Grandma

Houston 4--Opera

My mom is a passionate opera lover. So the family has all kind of followed her lead. One of my favorite memoreis with Opera was my senior yr. of high school when mom took me to the Met in New York to see Pavorotti's very last opera. We were among opera lover diehards that had come for Povarotti's last go of it. He was really old and could hardly get around the stage. The standing ovation following lasted for 20+ minutes. Many of our trips abroad are schedualed around the best operas. When mom and I traveled Italy, we hopped around to all the Opera Houses. There is really a beautiful art and culture there to be learned. And mom has really exposed us. My mom and sister had taken some opera trips in Europe that take you around on an opera tour. I hear it is a great way to travel because they set up the itinerary for when you will be where to see the Opera. But your days are free and you are taken to all the big cities where the opera houses are.
So when Helen and Heber were accepted to specialty school in Houston, mom got season tickets for the opera right away. It was the openeing night for this season's opera. I'm convienced that mom planned our family weekend around this occasion. ha! Because it was opening night, there were so many evening gowns and cocktail dresses. There were some stunning dresses. Helen and I poked around comenting during intermission. One of the people working caught Helen staring at this one lady that looked stunning with roses in her hair, and she wispered that she is "the socialite of Houston." We got a kick out of it. Not to mention the operas were really good. They were doing two short one hour operas... Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci. Andrew enjoyed the opera as well. He enjoyed being able to follow what was going on with the subtitles. He didn't realize those existed. He said that he didn't realize it was so much acting too.
Best looking guys there. & one of the few times ever that Dad was way underdressed.
8 months pregnant looking amazing at the Opera

I thought I would put this in here. This is the boys on their way to church.

Houston 3-- dancing outside

We spent a lot of quality time hanging out at the house and being together. Dixon loves playing outside and going on walks. Helen's neighboorhood is amazing. I've never seen one like it in that there are huge homes next to a really old one that is much smaller. It's a real nice neighboorhood for her to be in with a lot of familys. I enjoyed going on walks down all the streets. Helen turned on a boom box so Dixon could dance. He had no hesitation. It was adorable. We all got into it too.
Teaching Dixon the booty shake. He is a natural--just stuck that bum right out.
After a while we gave out but he kept on dancing.
He dances with his tongue out too. This was hillarious. When Helen was inside, Harold was teaching Dixon how to pick the flowers. He was saying, "Pick, Dxion." And he was doing the motion. So of coarse Dixon started picking. Then Helen came out and was very stern to Dixon. In the pick you can see her running out. Often I call Helen and she is doing yard work so I know she doesn't want lil Dix learning how to destroy it.

Kinda like with the booty dance, everything we did Dixon wanted to do. When Natalie did the handstand, Dixon wanted to as well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Houston 2--Fashion Show

The first night we got in we went to the Cheesecake Factory at the Gallaria. Afterwards the guys went to the hotel room to watch the BYU game and the girls walked around the gallaria. We have fun memories there from when we were younger. Mom would take us to Houston and we would spend the night in the attached hotel and ice skate in the arena there in the middle of the Gallaria. So we were thrown off when we saw the ice rink covered with carpet with a runway set up for some fashion show. We were able to watch it though from the railing. It was neat to observe the spectators all dressed up in their cocktail dresses. The runway thing is intense. The strut is crazy. I was shocked with really how thin the girls were. The way they organized "Styles of the South" was by designers... the ones located in the Gallaria. We didnt stay the whole time but my favorite were Fendi, Tory Burch, and Sacks. It was fun to talk fashion with Helen and see where our taste matches up.
This is where they came out.

Happenings in Houston

Last weekend, we went to Houston to visit my sister Helen and the family that all joined. We managed to do quite a bit. However, no doubt the highlight was little Dixon. He's two and as adoreable as they come.
I'm amazed with how well my sister keeps her house organized. Dixon has one basket of toys that are stored in his room. We were sitting in the living room and all the sudden he came walking out with a big basket that he could barely hold on to the sides. He dumped the toys out in the living room and played away. Andrew won his heart no doubt. Anytime Andrew would walk away or sit down, Dixon would grab his hand and walk him back over to his toys.
We were at Janie & Jack (kid's clothing) in the Gallaria and Dixon hid under the clothes so we had to find him. There he is!
Drawing in his room. Please note his big boy bed and his name on the wall.

Monday, October 13, 2008

1/2 year Anniversary!

I can't believe it's been 6 wonderful months! So how did we celebrate?
- We started by going to It's Yoga. I've loved yoga for years and am trying to get Andrew into it. He knows he could use some good stretching so he was supportive in going. I used to be a member of that studio until I tore my ACL and was out of touch for a while. It's too expensive to get going with a membership again. But it was good to be back!
- We helped Dayna & Nate move out of their apartment. I was in cleaning mode & Andrew helped lift the heavy stuff.
- We then played with the girls for a few hours. It's a rare treat to have them in town so we tried maxing out their threshold of f-u-n. We went to the tumble gym! Abby had no reservations jumping off a tramp into a pit of foam.
- Went to dinner with Katie and Carras at Macaroni Grill. - And then Drew and I retired to our apartment to watch a movie on his computer.
It was a great day and an amazing weekend. Nothing beats having family in town.

"REAL" Dreams Come True

At last there's a stadium. REAL played their first game in the new stadium last week. It was such a relief to see everything work out in the family's favor. Andrew's family all came out from CT. It was good to be with everyone. We've been anticipating this game for a long time. Andrew was 100% in his element like a kid in the candy store. I hear that the "grand opening" will be the first game of next season. This seemed rather grand to me though. There is only one more game left to be played in the stadium this season though.

We were dressed up for family pics that we took before the game since we were all together.
Andrew adores Molly.
This is Grandpa Goats. Andrew said he was fairly old (8th gradeish) before he realized that this wasn't really his grandpa. Grandpa Goats was Drew's dad's mission president. He is such a sweet man whom we have a lot to learn from.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Worth noting..

A button came undone so he just sewed it back on. He took a home-ec class in highschool and perfected the skill on his mission. He continues to amaze me...

Our cutsie apartment...

It's been so much fun dressing our place. It's been a working progress for a couple months now but I think we're done at last. Andrew just built his last project. He's amazing! Everything in out apartment except our couches was built from flat boads and screws that came in a box. It's the most cost effective route to go. From Ikea to Walmart and BB& Beyound, we've collected quite a few project for Drew. And so effortlessly, he does it. He refers to it as "grown-up legos." In our apartment he has managed to put together, our kictchen table, chairs, book shelf, tv stand, our desks (they're really complex), the chairs that go with the desks, the space saver in the bathroom, the canopy bed stand, and the drawer set. Again, he's amazing!

I adore our room. It's bright, but I figure that it's the time to be colorful and fun before we mature to something classic... I'm just not there yet. I thought the orange pulled out the masculine feel for drew. Maybe not though; there is nothing masculine about anthro.


Pictures of pictures! We love our lampstand! Courtney gave it to us on my birthday.