Wednesday, October 1, 2008

California Weekend

It was a fun weekend for Andrew & I being with Courtney and Christian. They were so much fun to be around. The 10ish hour drive to Irvine went by relatively quick. It was such a treat being with Julianne (sp?), Steve , and their adoreable girls. Julianne is an All-American mom no doubt. I was trying to soak up her ways over the weekend. In a nutshell I'll try to recap the weekend: taking a quick drive down Vegas strip; walking around Boabab Island talking and admiring the cutsie little homes; Drew found a way to eat at In-and-Out 4 different times in 2 days time; Drew & I playing tennis doubles against Court. & Christian; strolling around Fashion Island with Drew (Anthro!); slumber party in the living room; amazing message at Relief Society Broadcast--"being creators of creativity"; admiring all the tons of women involved with the soup dinner in Irvine stake following RS broadcast; driving along the PC with Drew; watching Christian get up on the surf board his first time at it; having tender thoughts during Charlie's baby blessings; attending the small but cozy chapel in Luguna--it makes Monroe look big; admiring Anna & Alli as such cute children with such a good mom & dad; staying up till 2am playing Tiger Woods golf (the guys); getting some sun by the pool; falling in love with Julianne's blog, photography, condo... Andrew & I had such a good weekend with Court, Christian, & the Smoots. Thanks for having us!


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the smoots said...

YEAH!!! I'm thrilled to be the first to comment :) We had such a GREAT time with you guys! Please come again. Also, I'm SO sorry about your cosmetic bag - I just mailed it this morning to Court's apartment. Look for it soon! Love all the pics - just might have to steal some from off your blog! Thanks!