Saturday, October 25, 2008

CROP till you DROP

One of my best friends from home--Jennifer Trahan's mom is a Creative Memories consultant. So I got involved with scraptbooking through her years ago and just love it. I found it a great release from the fast pace lifestyle of bball. After our Honeymoon, I decided I really want to get back into it...especially since I am done with ball and graduated. I worked a bit this summer but yesterday realy kicked off the motivation for me.

I went to a "Crop till you drop" class (11:00am-11:00pm) with one of the consultants out here. I looked her up on the internet. It always helps to go to a class because no only are they fun but you're able to really sit down and crunch out some pages without other distractions. I always am missing dia-cut letters and papers so I like to be at a class that has inventory there as well when needed

Anyway, there were about 15 people there. I was new to the group. They are all diehards that all know each other from previous classes. They were so warm in welcoming me. I think they were happy to have a new face. I was the youngest there by many years and they looking at my cute husband in honeymoon pics.

I sat at a table of 3 other ladies. All of which were so interesting and friendly. One just so happened to be my mother-in-laws best friends sister from New Cannan. It was a small world how it came together. She was asking about my husband and where he was from. I said CT and she wanted to know where. Calli then got her sister on the phone and we had a good chat talking about common denominators. There was another lady that works full time and her husband with the MBA is the stay at home dad. She is VP of another scrapbooking company. It was funny... she didn't tell her husband what she was doing. Rather, he thought she was at work. She had to leave at 8 because that is about the time she gets home from work. She was really interesting to talk to. And then the other lady had been to Monroe quite a bit because her husband does work down there. All of these lady's have amazing books and are All-American moms the way the keep track of their family memories.

We had a potluck dinner too with what everyone brought. I can't wait till my next class. I got so much done. I wish I had a pic of the mess I had going on with scraps of paper, tools ect. It took me 30 min. just to set up shop and sort things out and 30 min to clean up. Thats really why I can't just scrapbook free will. I have to plan out the block of time.

With time I'll go digital. I love the traditional scrapbooking but the digital is really taking off. You still get to form your layout by dragging all the different things bought from online. I have enough product online I dont want to have to buy digitally as well for now. But I need to move in that direction. There were aobut 8 ladies there with their laptops doing their books. I love using my hand but we'll see...

Here are some pages. I'm so proud of my book. When people come over I like to show em. Is that weird?


Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Mary- I am so impressed! Those are so cute! I have done a few scrapbooks, and I think they are so fun, but it is so true that you really have to set a good chunk of time aside to really get anything done. I would love to see your scrapbooks sometime. Those "diehard american mothers" have nothing on you. You are going to make a great Mom :)

Pierce and Stacy said...

Mar!! I found you and no it is not weird that you like to show off your wonderful work. It's beautiful. I'm so jealous you went to a 12 hour scrapbooking class. So fun!

Also, thanks for tonight. It was especially fun to be with you and Andrew and see your cute place and meet your friends.

Thanks again. Love you!

Rick and Ayme Orwin said...

I wish i could do that kind of stuff