Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Decor

At my scrapbooking class last week, I sat across from the kindest lady who though she works full time, her husband is the at home Dad. He goes crazy with his decorations. In fact he syncs a 7 minute Halloween type thingy to watch. You have to tune into 106.5 to follow. So last night, we went with some friends to see it. It was pretty neat...
The following two links are articles in relation to this spooky house.

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Brad and Lisa said...

The ward close to the campus is the single's ward. However, there are two wards not to far from that. It is the building right by the temple. We are in 3rd ward, and I think I heard Brad say that your sis was in 2nd ward. Same building I think! What is your new job? What was your major, and what is your hubby's major? I love moving! I love to experience the wonderful people and things that each place has to offer! I know Ash would love to see you! Her email is mormongirl_99@yahoo.com She is working full time & going to school full time. She is also on facebook. WE hardly ever see her.