Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happenings in Houston

Last weekend, we went to Houston to visit my sister Helen and the family that all joined. We managed to do quite a bit. However, no doubt the highlight was little Dixon. He's two and as adoreable as they come.
I'm amazed with how well my sister keeps her house organized. Dixon has one basket of toys that are stored in his room. We were sitting in the living room and all the sudden he came walking out with a big basket that he could barely hold on to the sides. He dumped the toys out in the living room and played away. Andrew won his heart no doubt. Anytime Andrew would walk away or sit down, Dixon would grab his hand and walk him back over to his toys.
We were at Janie & Jack (kid's clothing) in the Gallaria and Dixon hid under the clothes so we had to find him. There he is!
Drawing in his room. Please note his big boy bed and his name on the wall.

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