Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston 4--Opera

My mom is a passionate opera lover. So the family has all kind of followed her lead. One of my favorite memoreis with Opera was my senior yr. of high school when mom took me to the Met in New York to see Pavorotti's very last opera. We were among opera lover diehards that had come for Povarotti's last go of it. He was really old and could hardly get around the stage. The standing ovation following lasted for 20+ minutes. Many of our trips abroad are schedualed around the best operas. When mom and I traveled Italy, we hopped around to all the Opera Houses. There is really a beautiful art and culture there to be learned. And mom has really exposed us. My mom and sister had taken some opera trips in Europe that take you around on an opera tour. I hear it is a great way to travel because they set up the itinerary for when you will be where to see the Opera. But your days are free and you are taken to all the big cities where the opera houses are.
So when Helen and Heber were accepted to specialty school in Houston, mom got season tickets for the opera right away. It was the openeing night for this season's opera. I'm convienced that mom planned our family weekend around this occasion. ha! Because it was opening night, there were so many evening gowns and cocktail dresses. There were some stunning dresses. Helen and I poked around comenting during intermission. One of the people working caught Helen staring at this one lady that looked stunning with roses in her hair, and she wispered that she is "the socialite of Houston." We got a kick out of it. Not to mention the operas were really good. They were doing two short one hour operas... Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci. Andrew enjoyed the opera as well. He enjoyed being able to follow what was going on with the subtitles. He didn't realize those existed. He said that he didn't realize it was so much acting too.
Best looking guys there. & one of the few times ever that Dad was way underdressed.
8 months pregnant looking amazing at the Opera

I thought I would put this in here. This is the boys on their way to church.

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