Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston 3-- dancing outside

We spent a lot of quality time hanging out at the house and being together. Dixon loves playing outside and going on walks. Helen's neighboorhood is amazing. I've never seen one like it in that there are huge homes next to a really old one that is much smaller. It's a real nice neighboorhood for her to be in with a lot of familys. I enjoyed going on walks down all the streets. Helen turned on a boom box so Dixon could dance. He had no hesitation. It was adorable. We all got into it too.
Teaching Dixon the booty shake. He is a natural--just stuck that bum right out.
After a while we gave out but he kept on dancing.
He dances with his tongue out too. This was hillarious. When Helen was inside, Harold was teaching Dixon how to pick the flowers. He was saying, "Pick, Dxion." And he was doing the motion. So of coarse Dixon started picking. Then Helen came out and was very stern to Dixon. In the pick you can see her running out. Often I call Helen and she is doing yard work so I know she doesn't want lil Dix learning how to destroy it.

Kinda like with the booty dance, everything we did Dixon wanted to do. When Natalie did the handstand, Dixon wanted to as well.

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