Monday, October 13, 2008

"REAL" Dreams Come True

At last there's a stadium. REAL played their first game in the new stadium last week. It was such a relief to see everything work out in the family's favor. Andrew's family all came out from CT. It was good to be with everyone. We've been anticipating this game for a long time. Andrew was 100% in his element like a kid in the candy store. I hear that the "grand opening" will be the first game of next season. This seemed rather grand to me though. There is only one more game left to be played in the stadium this season though.

We were dressed up for family pics that we took before the game since we were all together.
Andrew adores Molly.
This is Grandpa Goats. Andrew said he was fairly old (8th gradeish) before he realized that this wasn't really his grandpa. Grandpa Goats was Drew's dad's mission president. He is such a sweet man whom we have a lot to learn from.


Mari Kjar said...

lol. i know i know. your pic wasn't supposed to be so small. ask josh. lol. i don't know how to work my blog that well. i need to get some advice from you. seriously.
you do so well at including the most simple & precious things on your blog. i feel inspired. hopefully posts won't be so few and far between and with bigger pictures of our friends. haha. i apologize. not intentional and not a very well organized post on my part. eek. love you!!

Angela Nelson said...

You look beautiful in these pics mar! I think I was at your place before y'all left

Rick and Ayme Orwin said...

You look Beautiful! I love that picture of y'all