Sunday, November 9, 2008

crazy of crazies

Thursday was just 'one of those days' meant in the best of ways. I got home from work around 5:30 and had an intramural basketball game that started at 6:00 that I was planning on missing because I was hosting a baby shower at 7:00 so there was no way. I had planned ahead and had everything ready and the food prepared--for the most part. But Harold called at 5:30 and said that if I didn't come to the game that they would have to forfeit because there some of the other girls just could not come and so we weren't going to have enough. I was so ticked to have that pressure because it was the first tournament game and if I didn't come that meant our season was over. So of coarse I went... But I told everyone I had to leave at half time to be home to welcome the guests. But they would have to play a player down. We were hoping to have a big enough lead to where that would be okay. Well, we were down by one at half time and it was 6:50. But I just could leave. So I called Laura, who I was having the shower for and she totally understood. My parent would have been upset with me because I had left he apartment with soup of the stove and bread in the oven baking. Long story short... we won be three I think it was and I was 20 minutes late with quite a few people in my apartment when I got back.

You might be wondering where Andrew was in all of this... He is on the coed team as well but he got an invite to go up to the Utah and TCU football game with a bunch a buddies. John Merrifield was able to get a ton of tickets through his buds at TCU. So they had good tickets and were able to have a good time being guys and cheering against Utah. The guys Andrew went up with were some of my closest friends from freshman year. I love that everything has come full circle. Apparently there was some intense banter with the U fans. Included in the group was Stuart Carter, Matt Hyatt, Patrick O'Callaghan, John John Merrfield, Tyler Baldwin, and Curtis White. As much as I would have loved to go I'm glad Drew was able to spend quality time with the boys while I was home hanging with the girls. Do you even recognize Andrew there at the bottom right in his TCU headband?

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Sounds like a hectic night! I am surprised you pulled it all off- you are amazing. It sounds like Andrew had a blast with the boys- that is so fun that he hangs out with our old crew- those boys are some of the best out there huh.