Monday, November 10, 2008

Cutler Clawson Tuft

My sister just had her baby boy. He is a healthy 8 lbs and 21 inches. With black hair! Her other one didnt even grown hair till he was a year old and it was blonde. Her story of going to the hospital is great. She is two weeks early for starters. In the middle of the night she was having bad back pains so she went to the hospital but she was only at 2 cm. so they had her rest in a room to see if she'd feel better. After an hour and a half they said she could go home but she wanted them to check one more time. She had dialated to a 7. That baby was ready to come and she hardly knew becuase she was convienced it was just back pains and they were too. She said she wanted to cry but had to have courage cause Dixon was right there playing around. So little Dixon is there at the hospital because they couldn't just leave him home alone. So as they transfer her to her room, they transfer Dixon (he is asleep by now) to a chair that they put in the bathroom so he could continue sleeping. Just when the Dr. walked in ready to go Dixon woke of saying "mommy! mommy!" Helen seriously thought she was going to have that baby with Dixon sleeping there in the bathroom. All with perfect timing, a friend called and said she was there to take Dixon. Helen said literally as one little boy left the room the other one came into the room... with two pushes. I started crying as she was explaining how she told Dixon that when he got back he would have a brother. Dixon knew just what was going on. He was saying "come out, come out." And then he went running out of the room to Heber saying he gets to go play with a friend. And then I started crying even more at the thought of needles and the pain. And then my boss walked in and probably thinks I hate work cause I was full on crying.

Andrew and I get to go meet little Cutler at Thanksgiving and play wtih little Dixon. I can't even tell you the love Andrew and I feel for our nieces and nephews. This makes for 5 with 1 soon on the way. I can't even imagine what I will feel for mine own.


breanna said...

thanks for keeping my updated on helen! she seriously needs to post on her still? he's adorable! i know you're a proud aunt! hope to see you at thanksgiving too! ``

Pierce and Stacy said...

Another beautiful baby. Congrats on being an aunt again!

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

that story is crazy!! that is so funny though about you crying on the phone. i can't agree with you more about the whole love for nephews/nieces. I have two nephews and I am obessed with them, I love them as if they are my own. My sister always says- just wait till you have your own. But I can't imagine loving anything more! Congrats on the new nephew!! He is darling.

theparkernewlyweds said...

What a cute Baby!! there is something about seeing your sisters baby that words can not explain. I love Preston boy so much and knowing he his Hays makes it that much more real! I am so happy I found your blog from megs! Im adding you to our list!
Cute baby and great story!
Love Linds

ashley schmutz said...

that is the cutest little baby EVER! Congrats! Ah- precious! We hope you guys are doing well! MOVE TO BOSTON!