Wednesday, November 5, 2008

flour girls & dough boys

When I came to BYU my freshman year the only family I really had out here was the Bakers. Although I call them "my auntie and uncle," Darla is really my aunt's sister. Yet they're still some of the closest "family" I've got. Many Sunday afternoons are spent at their house eating Darla's fantastic food as I soak up their goodness. Not only are Darla and Eric admirable parents of 4, but also Darla is probably the most amazing cook I know. She inspires me.
Well tonight we tried something different. We went out to eat at a deli that Darla described "as Kneaders on steroids." For the locals, it is a must know... Flour Girls & Dough Boys. It is a bit of a drive from Provo (to Spanish Fork) but well worth. It is the closest thing to the cafe I would often grab a quick lunch at this summer in NYC. This great place has wonderful pastries, Artisan breads, paninis, sandwiches... you name it they have it. Apparently, they make wonderful cakes as well... whew!

So thank you to the Bakers for a great evening, wonderful dinner, and for introducing us to this great cafe. Let's do it again soon, except only if you let us pay for a change.
Here are some pics from their site.

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Mmmm I will definitely need to try that place with Steve sometime. Sounds delish!

I have a Canon- and I love it! What about you? I need to take a class so will you help me sign up for one? When does Nicole ( is that her name) leave? Where is she teaching? And is it too late to sign up? I am just like you- I don't want to be a professional, I just want to get better at manual (I know how to do a few basic things and I usually prefer manual over automatic) so I can take some great shots of our family as it eventually grows bigger.

Anyway, fun to see we share that same interest. It can sometimes get a little addicting taking pictures once you have a nice camera isn't it?? They all just turn out so much better than a crappy digital camera.