Sunday, November 9, 2008

graffiti this!

Following the the big REAL win last night, we were fully charged to keep the night going. As a continum from the fun Andrew had the with 'the fellas' on thursday, many were all getting together for a Graffiti pary. It's rare that John John is in town so when he is everyone likes to get together.

Patrick's house hosted a graffiti party where we had an endless supply of spray paint to graffit. We went to town till my throat started to burn from the strong fumes.

This is the latest we've stayed out in a really long time. I don't think we got home till 2:00 AM. Whew!

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Fun!! I love that you guys still "hang out" even as a married couple. That is awesome. That is so cool you guys got to graffiti whatever you wanted. You should come show off your skills when we have our graffiti party at this house for CALLE before they tear it down.

(In response to your comment) Lets DEFINITELY do a hike together real soon! We are thinking we're gonna hike it again this weekend weather permitting. Would you guys be up for it? We're going to try and do the whole thing- maybe have lunch when we get to the end. Let us know.
Also, I have a secret (shhh). I cheated with the blurred edges.. I just did it through iphoto- no real skill, but it does turn out pretty nifty eh??