Tuesday, November 4, 2008

man of many talents

Andrew is having an intense semester spread between 18 credits and 3 intramural sports. All teams are now in the playoff tournament to determine who are the champs. Tonight Drew had a football game. With snow pouring down as if it was a blizzard, he stilled maintained to get a touchdown.

The bummer is that we think he really strained or even tore his hamstring. As hours pass, he can hardly even walk on it. It is sensitive to touch when I was trying to rub some bio freeze on it. We're icing it for now and hoping for a quick recovery.

Because Drew spends so much time in the books, the sport's outlet is really huge. It is a good way to get his mind off school and be a guy by doing what guys like to do--sports. He has a soccer game and another football game this week. We'll see if he's good to go. Sure hope so!

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Poor guy. I hope he's okay. You are such a sweet wife to say such sweet things about your hubby. I really love that about guys too- there love/obsession for sports. Some girls hate it- I adore it, and I think its so cute to see them get so excited to play or watch sports.