Friday, November 28, 2008

meeting my nephew cutler

We headed home for Thanksgiving week. We stopped in Houston for a couple days to meet my nephew and visit my sister. My sister and her husband have a very special family. I really respect and admire the way they manage their home. There is such a good feeling there.

Couldn't get him in my arms fast enough...

Dixon holding Cutler. I love how Helen covered him in a banquet cause he's so germy.
My beautiful mom. (Please note my moms pink "Toy Watch." I love her style.)
I don't know if it is more a traditional thing or just a southern way, but new borns often wear a gown. Like when they are baptised soon after they are born, they wear a baptismal gown. I don't know if it is particular to the south, but I have yet to see an infant boy wearing a smocked gown. I love Helen's ways manifested in her son Cutler.
Exactly two weeks from when Helen gave birth, us girls went out and about. This boutique is a favorite.
It is fun to see Heber rough Dixon around. Dixon enjoys getting his head tapped on the ceiling as well.


Pierce and Stacy said...

What an adorable little family. Cutler is beautiful! I'm glad you were able to spend time with your family.

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

How fun. What cute nephews. That's so great you got to be with family. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Dayna said...

that must have been so much fun for you to see your nephew! he is so cute! I hope you and andrew had fun down with your family! can't wait to hear about it.

breanna said...

both of my babies wore gowns...including elijah! they are just plain sweet! there are plenty of days ahead for jeans and a polo! besides it's soooo much easier for diaper changes!!! looks like you had so much fun!

Martha Abell said...

I am so happy MM and Andrew could come to Houston and Monroe for Thanksgiving. I love them so much. I really like this blog and now that I have my new laptop I am getting on the computar alot more to see what is going on in this very cute blog. thanks for putting all the pictures on of Helens family. I can't wait till you have a baby! I am still waiting for that special granddaughter.