Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photography 101

Yep, I'm taking a photography class. I've been anticipating this one for a while. I signed up for this class a few months ago. Nicole Hill's blog is a favorite. That is how I was originally introduced to her work. I thrilled to be soaking up a bit of her knowledge now.

Because I'm in the 101 class, we went over the basics of aperture, shutter speed, composition and much more. All of which is worth reviewing and learning more fully to further whatever skills I already have. I have a long way to go but I'm excited to work on it.

I don't regret studying finance; however, a part of me wished I did something like photography. I enjoy the creativity and spontaneity. I anticipate persuing this hobby. Meanwhile, I've got to get to work. We have quite a bit of homework to upload to her site that Nicole plans on scrutinizing in the class.

P.S. I love digital, don't get me wrong. It has so many amazing perks. However, a part of me wishes I could learn on film that forces us to be maticulouse and make each picture count. Digital spoils us.


Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

I love your halloween costume in the post believe. How clever!! You guys are good to dress up. Steve and I have never dressed up for Halloween since we've been married and this year I was out of town so that didn't help. How fun!!

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Ok so I meant to write more on my first comment and then realized after I already sent it.

I wanted to tell you that I think that is SO AWESOME that you are into photography because so am I!!! I got a new camera earlier this year and have been practicing and trying to learn on my own but would LOVE to take a photography class to learn more (I always tell Steve). Are you taking it through BYU as a real class or just a class you sign up for on the side? I'm really curious because I would love to do something like that.