Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fun to Come!

Real was just advanced the the second round of the playoffs after an amazing first round of play. This is the first year they have ever made it the playoffs might I add. And to only make things better, New York won against Houston so the next round will be played here in UT as opposed to being an away game if Houston would have won.

& Lilly is having a special bday next weekend! sweet 16 that is! We've been looking forward to her special day for a while. She has been planing on having it Nov. 15 for months--a dance in the stadium. (we love to dance!) Well now there is a REAL game that day as well. It will be an exciting weekend having the family back in town.
I have a feeling this week is going to fly by as we anxiously await all the fun.

Hapy bday lilly!

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

We need to get our butts to a REAL game soon. They are so fun!