Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cyress Santas

These would have to be my favorite Christmas decorations here at our apartment. Unique to the South... these are cyress stumps that have been painted to be little Santas. It was unusual to see these at Christmas time in the South. In fact, my mom had a varierty of shapes and sizes that she would put on the mantle. After all, mom gave these to us for our first Christmas. This is in my grandmother's backyard. She lives on the Bayou and has some gorgeous cypress tree growing at the Bayou bank. See the stumps sticking out of the water? Hence, the Cypress Santa's.
I always took these great tree for granted till I moved away from home and realized no where else. When people would ask me the difference between a bayou and a river, the one thing that comes to mind is the Cypress tree that are growing throughout the Bayou. It's too bad that sometimes it takes moving away or being apart from things to respect them... I never looked twice at these trees, but when I was home visiting Mommee, I couldn't get enough.

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Those stumps really do look like a little village of people all gathered together in that way. I love unique Santas like that.

And I TOTALLY know what you mean about taking things for granted, and not realizing how amazingly beautiful home is, until you leave and go back. I am in awe with the east every time I go home and the luscious green beauty it is there.