Sunday, December 7, 2008

gift cards expire?

Yesterday Andrew & I went to the Park City outlets to do some Christmas shopping and have dinner with Drew's brother & gf. We were making the loop of stores and Andrew insinuated he wanted to walk in American Eagle. He saw this really great hat he wanted for skiing and for the cold in general. *It is a good looking hat for sure.*
Anyways, I remembered I had a gift card from American Eagle that was given to me by one of my friends from high school--Jason. (I called him after this little experience and we decided it was freshman or sophomore year that he gave it to me--so 8 years ago.) But I haven't been in AE for years. I cant remember the last time I even walked in the store. But I have managed to keep up with my gift card, and when we went to check out I remembered I still had it.

For starters, the girl said the card was so old school that she has never even seen one like that. Then she went to swipe it and there was no money on it. I promised her that there was. She then read the fine print on the back that said, "After three years, a dollar every month is removed from the card." Ha! My card had basically expired. Lamo! I kept the card anyways for good times. I might take a pic of it and add it to the post.
Everyone in the store had a good laugh about it. Moral of the story: don't sit on your gift cards too long!

Like his hat?


Rachel Ricchio said...

you're funny! i would have loved to have seen that girl's face when you handed her that card!

ps. we all agreed last night that it was sooo good to run into the ideal couple. you looked gorgeous by the way!

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

ha ha ha. 8 years?! how did you hold on to that thing for so long?! that is too funny. i wish i was there. and yes, a very sweet hat!

Dayna said...

That is crazy you had that for 8 years! how funny! Ok, so nate and I were talking yesterday about how we feel like we haven't seen you and andrew forever. SO....when are you free and we would love to come by and visit! I know you are just super crazy now with your new job so let us know! if not, just know that we are thinking about you and excited to spend time with you for christmas!

p.s. I LOVE the hat! I was trying to find a miniature hat like that for baby gabe......still looking!

Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

Hey there! Too bad about the hat... it is very cute :) I heard a rumor that you had pictures of our little Cultler up, I'm so happy the rumor was true. Thanks for posting those, I can't get enough of him! Also, I'm glad you two are bloggers now :) Keep in touch.