Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mom's Bday too!

Besides Andrew coming to work to visit me twice Thursday, the best part of my day was hearing play by play what went down for my mom's bday. I can't even being to do it justice through my writing; however, it is worth the try. My mom is hilarious. And today just so happened "to be the best bday she ever had." As I listened to her give me her day play by play, I defined in my mind some of my mom's strongest characteristics--sentimental, fun, thoughtful, spontaneous, and spiritual.

When I was headed home at the dreaded 9th hour of the later part of the day (9:00 PM), it was a lift to hear about my mom's special day. Without even asking, she offered to give her "favorite bday" in great detail. In the most cheery voice, mom explained how she started out by working out. And "once she got to workout class, she said 'it was her bday' so she didn't have to work hard." She went on to tell all her friends in the class that it was her bday so she didn't have to sweat...they agreed.

From there she "went to a luncheon with some of her Relief Society peeps"(& that is just how she said it). They were thoughtful in giving her kind gifts and trinkets... all of which (including her presents from the day) she has sitting out on the counter for her to admire them for a few days.

She received quite a bit of bday greetings from family scattered about. Her brother sent her poinsettias (her favorite) and my sister Helen of course was thoughtful as well. The sentiment of this gift runs deeper than can understand... but basically, my mom, sister, and I like "to pawn it." Yep that's it! We love pawn shops but HATE junk and consignment type stuff. Seems like an oxymoron till you understand further. The long story short--my mom has a talk show financial guru she is obsessed with. My mom is huge on money management and staying clear out of debt. She is the master is personal finance. She was a bit pushy about us kids learning to save, save, save and pay yourself as opposed to the bank. That is a huge tangent so I'll stop there. But Dave Ramsey, who also loves tangents, has a soap box on the jewelry industry and how it is the most markuped and over priced market out there. He talks about his wife''s "insane jewels" and how she "courted them from pawn shops." I sound redic now. But basically he is saying that people get sick of their jewelry and relationships often split, and pawn shops get great deals. You just have to be on the look out. So recently, us girls tried to see what we could find for kicks and thrills. Helen was originally against, and mom refused "to go that route" but I was intrigued. Nothing has come of it except fun laughter together and interesting experiences. Where I am going with this... for mom's bday, Helen went to a pawn shop and got a small blue Sapphire ring for mom. And in the sweet card (who is so thoughtful) she said that this was to remind her (mom) of "her boys (mom's grand kids & Helen's boys). Then Helen went on to relay to mom just the conversation that Helen & I had the other day... which is a huge complement to mom.

My mom is a trendsetter. No doubt she has her own style, but she sets trends.

1. When jeans weren't allowed at BYU back in the day, mom bucked the system. And to this day she is the queen of jeans. No one has a "collection" like hers.

2. As of recent, people have been wearing the bright pants with sometimes a floral pattern on them. Okay, mom has been true to that look for years.

3. Mom had been wearing chunky Uggs since I can remember simply because they were so warm. I remember she would wear them to church with skirts and I was so embarrassed. Now that is the hippest thing ever.

4. She has a watch feddish and has collected swatch watches for years also. She has more Swatch watches than anyone I know.

5. And as of recent, she bought a freaking TOY WATCH back in June when she was visiting in NYC, and now it is the #1 selling Christmas item at Saks Fifth. She didn't even know what a Toy watch was and all I wanted to do was borrow it for a couple months, but I can't even pull it off
like her.
Don't get me wrong, my mom hasn't popped out of an In Style. I'm just saying she is a "trend setter" and beats to her own rhythm.

This post is turning out to be especially long so I'm going to skip some of the details. But my dad came home from work and took my mom riding horses. Mom told Dad that for her birthday, she wanted him to take a 'happy pill.' From there they went to a hamburger joint. & then they went to the movies and got there 45 minutes early. Dad's "happy pill" made mom 'laugh for hours.' They were the only ones it he theater so dad was doing funny poses up by the projector that displayed on the big screen.

I was so happy to hear about mom's great day. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it justice. I got lost in my writing and just typed a bit of non-sense too. But I'm going to go ahead and post this. Happy Bday mom!

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Sounds like the best day ever. I love to see the deep love you have for your mom- its really sweet. She sounds like an amazing lady.