Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recap of 2008

I can't believe this year is almost over. It has been an amazing one worth recapping. We've clearly had some big events this year that go down as "treasured milestones." However, we've experienced more subtle experiences that too will be well remembered. I want to take a moment to recap on some of our milestones for 2008...

1. At the start of the year as an engaged girl in la-la land, I went with my Dad to Africa for a "daddy daughter" trip. My appreciation for the scripture, "All things denote that there's a God" was given new meaning as observed wildlife--angelic really.

2. Drew conqured a couple more semesters of school taking 18 credits even.

3. Mom and I joined dad for a business convention he had in the Bahamas. Mom and I enjoyed the ocean, laid out, and went to the spa as we made wedding plans and talked about Andrew non-stop.

4. Andrew and his good friend joined the family in St. Louis to see a Blues game. It was Drew's first time to see them play.

5. On April 11th, we were married in the Salt Lake temple. Words can't describe the special feeling that confirmed my love and tender feelings for Drew. I've never been so sure nor has it seemed so clear that what I was doing at that time was 100% right and true. Despite the overwhelming emotions and caos really with everything coming together, I could not have imagined feeling such peace...peace I've never felt before. Those feelings alone will endure me through time and trials that ever might face our family. For that I am so grateful!

6. We each had spoken of Austrialia being the ideal travel spot one day... we'll now know it as our honeymoon spot forever. Those three weeks gave new meaning to the word bliss.

7. Andrew had a successful summer of Boys World of Adventure, a summer sports camp he and his brothers started.

8. I interened with Morgan Stanley in private wealth and had a huge eye-openeing experience. This was rewarding but it stretched me.... really stretched me.

9. We're renting our first home. It's an apartment really. But we love it. I feel like I could live in this stage forever. Life is simple. & our aparment is just the cutest...referring to it's little size full of little treasures.

10. We've spent tons of family time: Family reunion in Sun Valley, Andrew's fam in Disney, Thanksgiving in Louisiana, Houston visiting my sister and her cute son Cutler, weekend visits with family, and now Christmas with the Checketts.

11. I had two months in between my intern and when I landed the job I was after, one with a "perfect fit." I was able to fall back on good ole hobbies such a scrapbooking. I finished my honeymoon scrapbook, which if it's not to prideful to say is amazing.

12. I got my first real/full-time job that I love and feel so blessed to have. I work with the best crowd and am so motivated with my work. There is a huge adventure aspect to with traveling to my assigned states.

These are the stark highlights in a nut-shell. It hasn't been a perfect year by any means. But I'm already able to see the glory ending in disappointments. For example, I was rejected from BYU's MBA. (makes sense I had no experience. But for some reason I though I could be that rare exception). Yet now I see it as such a blessing becuase I'm loveing the path that my job is taking me.

It's been a great year full of many adventures. We will see what 2009 brings. We're ready to take it on.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

that year i definitely looked forward to number 5. so exciting.