Monday, December 1, 2008

vintage coke full of memories

For starters, you must know that my grandparents on my dad's side of the family are avid Georgia Tech fans. That is where my grandpa played sports and got his degree. He was loyal and generous to them even till his passing.
In 1990, when Georgia Tech won the National Championship, it was a big deal--so I heard. I was only 5. Football didn't mean a thing to me. I do have found memories flying out to see a game. I vaguely remember Papa flipping the coin one year. Pictures brought it back.
It didn't take me long to notice a special bottle in Mommee & Pappa's fridge. That was forbidden to drink. It was a delicacy as you see below representing their national championship as well as the schedule on the back. For years, I would tease everyone around that I was going to open the bottle. Looking back, I was such a bratty pest!
I don't know which age I got over it and left it alone. Time passed... all these year that thing has been tucked away in the back on the fridge. When Andrew and I were over at Mommee's the other day, I was snooping around for something good in the fridge, and when I saw that it brought me way back. That bottle has been sitting in my grandparent's fridge for 18 years! Can you imagine? I have no desire to taste it but to preserve it. Andrew was taken back by it to simply for its age. He insinuated it would be worth something on eBay.
I love these pictures because you can almost sense the chillness of the bottle having been in the fridge for so many years. I placed it in the window seal to get better lighting.


Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

WOW. That's amazing. And I am impressed that it has stayed in the fridge for so long and not drank by accident. All is game in our fridge at our home. That thing would have lasted for about a few days, maybe. What a sweet thing to remember though, and how cool!

bands said...

I can't handle how cute Cutler is. I'm jealous you've seen him already...all that hair...I wonder if Helen's tried to put a bow in it yet?