Friday, December 26, 2008

~Winter Wonderland~

We took a walk in snow shoes. I've always wanted to do this. It was so exhausitng to my surprise. The powder was so deep for starters. Even through the snow shoes kept us afloat, we were sinking a bit. So we had to pick our legs up high to walk--worked out the bum. Although my face was freexing, I was sweating underneath all my snow clothes.
Andrew's snow shoe came off...such a pain to get back on. Please note his "sad face."

Chirstmas trees all around us.

This is my favorite winter look... The white snow with the white Aspen trees and the Pine Christmas trees speckled about. When I woke up this morning, most everyone was still asleep so I put on some big boots and went for a walk with my camera. I like pracing photography. The sun was shooting towards the house so I had to walk a bit of a way out to get some shots. Before long Andrew was coming out to join me. The snow is deep and completly fresh after a nights worth of snow. But there were some fresh tracks headed towards the barn. We followed them. & we wern't surprised to see Andrew's dad plowing the snow with the snow tractor. I guess that is somethig he thoroughly enjoys. We kept walking to the end of the drive way where we connected. It was crazy to see those tractors at work. This isn't just a plow. It sends the snow up a spout that shoots it out far. We were entertained.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

love that cabin and love the pictures. you are QUITE the photog!