Friday, November 28, 2008

meeting my nephew cutler

We headed home for Thanksgiving week. We stopped in Houston for a couple days to meet my nephew and visit my sister. My sister and her husband have a very special family. I really respect and admire the way they manage their home. There is such a good feeling there.

Couldn't get him in my arms fast enough...

Dixon holding Cutler. I love how Helen covered him in a banquet cause he's so germy.
My beautiful mom. (Please note my moms pink "Toy Watch." I love her style.)
I don't know if it is more a traditional thing or just a southern way, but new borns often wear a gown. Like when they are baptised soon after they are born, they wear a baptismal gown. I don't know if it is particular to the south, but I have yet to see an infant boy wearing a smocked gown. I love Helen's ways manifested in her son Cutler.
Exactly two weeks from when Helen gave birth, us girls went out and about. This boutique is a favorite.
It is fun to see Heber rough Dixon around. Dixon enjoys getting his head tapped on the ceiling as well.

Happy Sweet 16, Lilly!

Andrew's sister, Elizabeth recently celebrated her 16th birthday party. The original plan was to bring some friends from CT to join with her UT friends for a dance. There ended up being a Real game that so perfectly conflicted. So all 60 people invited to the dance came to the game and enjoyed a fun dance there after. Lilly is beaituful! Thanks for letting us dance the night away as if we were 16 ourselves. P.S. The guy who brought the flowers is my favorite!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Intramurals pish posh

I don't even know where to being with this one. It's more of a venting post. BYU intramurals are i-n-s-a-n-e! Some think they are awesome and others really struggle with them... like myself. So Drew lives for them and really does quite well with his various teams.

Harold, Andrew, and I are on a co-ed basketball team. We're not bad. I'm out a shape and am pretty frail out there. All the girls a I play against are out to get me like I'm a beast. Maybe I am but still. Every game we've played is intense. We've had players thrown out and many T's. I don't mind admitting to mine most recent one where I called a girl a painsey for flopping on some screen. I said it under my breath even. The refs are seriously on a major power trip.

So we just had another game. We had a 14 point lead and one of our girl gets a another foul and a T for asking about it. So we had to play a player down. Andrew played solid bringing up the ball. They were doubleing Drew. They came back and tied it. But Harold clutched it with a few amazing wrap arounds when he was trippled teamed.

I'm not doing the intramural scene justice in painting the picture. After the game the husband of the girls that go thrown out was staring down the reff so the reff comes over and is wanting to start trash. Before long it was a post game brawl. I was just relieved that it wasn't Drew and I for a change stirring things up. Is this really happeneing to me? We are in the playoffs of the top division tournament. So every game is really intense in an intramural way.

Our next game is on Tuesday. We're playing a team where their best girl actually walked on the BYU team a couple years back. She's not bad. She worked hard and is a good 'pick up game' player. Her brother is on the team and he is huge hot head. It could be another brawl. Oh the world of intramurals. I need to take time to collect myslef and reevalutate my head so I don't play out of the zone--like when you loose your head. Meanwhile, Harold is acting all proud cause he has a clean record with no T's but yet he is the biggest talker of them all. He just gets away with it cause eh doesn't say a word to the ref's and "is smart about it" as he would say

Again, I'm venting so I might come back later and deleate this post. After the game, we're leaving and walking out of the RB. And it just so happens that one of the coaches in the athletic department walks by. Crazy long story short but he just took away one of my good friends scholoarship. So here I am after a heated game and I pull the loyalty card of making it clear to him that he wasn't professional how he handled things blah blah blah. I thought I was communicating quite well. But looking back it was not of my business. After all he is a coach doing his job and is respected in the athletic program and I was a sucka. Ahhh! Get it together team. We have the best talent on the court no doubt but our heads are out of it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Happy Place"

We've been doing a lot of talking about our 'happy places.' It's hard to pinpoint exactly what that means, but basically it's a place you can turn to and rely on for instant happiness. I don't know if it's because all of the memories that flood through the mind once your there... or the warm fuzzies that we expedience being in these places. But you get the point. They're 'happy places.'
It's been fun to articulate the places we call "our happy places"--some we enjoy together. And others we enjoy individually..."my happy place."
We both agreed our happy place is....

riding horses togetherMt. Timpanogos

the Temple

Andrew's "Happy Places" include....

Fast cars... especially when he was able to car-sit this Ferrari for a week. Being in the REAL stadium. This was back before it was finished and we had to wear hard hats.

And my Happy Places...

Swimming with the dolphins Just being in Anthro...

Visiting my gradparents--Mommee & Nana

I've spent many many hours here. One tough summer between basketball & school, I would go there once a week by myself working on a plate collections. Now my husband takes me often. It never fails me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cutler Clawson Tuft

My sister just had her baby boy. He is a healthy 8 lbs and 21 inches. With black hair! Her other one didnt even grown hair till he was a year old and it was blonde. Her story of going to the hospital is great. She is two weeks early for starters. In the middle of the night she was having bad back pains so she went to the hospital but she was only at 2 cm. so they had her rest in a room to see if she'd feel better. After an hour and a half they said she could go home but she wanted them to check one more time. She had dialated to a 7. That baby was ready to come and she hardly knew becuase she was convienced it was just back pains and they were too. She said she wanted to cry but had to have courage cause Dixon was right there playing around. So little Dixon is there at the hospital because they couldn't just leave him home alone. So as they transfer her to her room, they transfer Dixon (he is asleep by now) to a chair that they put in the bathroom so he could continue sleeping. Just when the Dr. walked in ready to go Dixon woke of saying "mommy! mommy!" Helen seriously thought she was going to have that baby with Dixon sleeping there in the bathroom. All with perfect timing, a friend called and said she was there to take Dixon. Helen said literally as one little boy left the room the other one came into the room... with two pushes. I started crying as she was explaining how she told Dixon that when he got back he would have a brother. Dixon knew just what was going on. He was saying "come out, come out." And then he went running out of the room to Heber saying he gets to go play with a friend. And then I started crying even more at the thought of needles and the pain. And then my boss walked in and probably thinks I hate work cause I was full on crying.

Andrew and I get to go meet little Cutler at Thanksgiving and play wtih little Dixon. I can't even tell you the love Andrew and I feel for our nieces and nephews. This makes for 5 with 1 soon on the way. I can't even imagine what I will feel for mine own.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

graffiti this!

Following the the big REAL win last night, we were fully charged to keep the night going. As a continum from the fun Andrew had the with 'the fellas' on thursday, many were all getting together for a Graffiti pary. It's rare that John John is in town so when he is everyone likes to get together.

Patrick's house hosted a graffiti party where we had an endless supply of spray paint to graffit. We went to town till my throat started to burn from the strong fumes.

This is the latest we've stayed out in a really long time. I don't think we got home till 2:00 AM. Whew!

Fun to Come!

Real was just advanced the the second round of the playoffs after an amazing first round of play. This is the first year they have ever made it the playoffs might I add. And to only make things better, New York won against Houston so the next round will be played here in UT as opposed to being an away game if Houston would have won.

& Lilly is having a special bday next weekend! sweet 16 that is! We've been looking forward to her special day for a while. She has been planing on having it Nov. 15 for months--a dance in the stadium. (we love to dance!) Well now there is a REAL game that day as well. It will be an exciting weekend having the family back in town.
I have a feeling this week is going to fly by as we anxiously await all the fun.

Hapy bday lilly!

crazy of crazies

Thursday was just 'one of those days' meant in the best of ways. I got home from work around 5:30 and had an intramural basketball game that started at 6:00 that I was planning on missing because I was hosting a baby shower at 7:00 so there was no way. I had planned ahead and had everything ready and the food prepared--for the most part. But Harold called at 5:30 and said that if I didn't come to the game that they would have to forfeit because there some of the other girls just could not come and so we weren't going to have enough. I was so ticked to have that pressure because it was the first tournament game and if I didn't come that meant our season was over. So of coarse I went... But I told everyone I had to leave at half time to be home to welcome the guests. But they would have to play a player down. We were hoping to have a big enough lead to where that would be okay. Well, we were down by one at half time and it was 6:50. But I just could leave. So I called Laura, who I was having the shower for and she totally understood. My parent would have been upset with me because I had left he apartment with soup of the stove and bread in the oven baking. Long story short... we won be three I think it was and I was 20 minutes late with quite a few people in my apartment when I got back.

You might be wondering where Andrew was in all of this... He is on the coed team as well but he got an invite to go up to the Utah and TCU football game with a bunch a buddies. John Merrifield was able to get a ton of tickets through his buds at TCU. So they had good tickets and were able to have a good time being guys and cheering against Utah. The guys Andrew went up with were some of my closest friends from freshman year. I love that everything has come full circle. Apparently there was some intense banter with the U fans. Included in the group was Stuart Carter, Matt Hyatt, Patrick O'Callaghan, John John Merrfield, Tyler Baldwin, and Curtis White. As much as I would have loved to go I'm glad Drew was able to spend quality time with the boys while I was home hanging with the girls. Do you even recognize Andrew there at the bottom right in his TCU headband?

and it is... American Crafts

After a good 3 months on the job hunt trying to find the best fit, I'm there! I recently decided to work with American Crafts in corporate sales. It's amazing how it all worked out but basically I was interviewing for an accounting position and they moved me to the sales department because they though I might be a good fit there. I hadn't even realized that American Craft was a scrapbooking manufacture when I went in for that first interview. That was a huge plus though cause no only do I love scraptbooking but it is such a friendly industry. So I work in sales along with 5 others. I've never thought I would pursue sales but this seems to be different that what I had imagined...

-We're a manufacture so we sell to other corporations and companies

- I have specific states I'm assigned to be over and responsible to follow up with. So I just follow up with the companies to get inventory to their stores.

- Once a week out of the month I'll go to a specific area, state, to do face to face sales with some of our best clients and good prospects.

- Trade shows twice a year are a big deal because retailers come from all over to get their product.

- I don't know the final word on which states I have but I know I have some of the southern states (Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama) and some eastern states (Maine, Vermont).

- You'd think that the other sales people would be girls considering it's a female industry for the most part, but all the other sales people are guys. Everyone has been there at least a couple years so I'm a runt.

- I get to wear jeans when I'm in the office. can you believe it?

I will say... I have the most supportive husband in the world. When I was interviewing and learned of the travel, I mentioned I needed to talk to my husband to see how he feels about the travel before I could go forth. Of coarse, Drew was so supportive. He got a ski pass at Sundance with some friends and plans on skiing while I'm gone when he has free time from his studies.

While I'm at it, I will say. It is amazing how everything came together with work. I've been on the job hunt like crazy and interviewing giving opportunity due diligence. But I was really holding out for the peace of finding a good it. The timing of it all worked out perfectly. I've been working for months on out honeymoons scrapbook. I finished that last Sunday and got my start day for Wednesday. A day earlier would of been too soon--I had an NCAA meeting. I'm grateful for the past few months off. We've been having a good time getting all comfy in our apartment and getting of the grove of things. Now I'm off to work and I'm really excited.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

flour girls & dough boys

When I came to BYU my freshman year the only family I really had out here was the Bakers. Although I call them "my auntie and uncle," Darla is really my aunt's sister. Yet they're still some of the closest "family" I've got. Many Sunday afternoons are spent at their house eating Darla's fantastic food as I soak up their goodness. Not only are Darla and Eric admirable parents of 4, but also Darla is probably the most amazing cook I know. She inspires me.
Well tonight we tried something different. We went out to eat at a deli that Darla described "as Kneaders on steroids." For the locals, it is a must know... Flour Girls & Dough Boys. It is a bit of a drive from Provo (to Spanish Fork) but well worth. It is the closest thing to the cafe I would often grab a quick lunch at this summer in NYC. This great place has wonderful pastries, Artisan breads, paninis, sandwiches... you name it they have it. Apparently, they make wonderful cakes as well... whew!

So thank you to the Bakers for a great evening, wonderful dinner, and for introducing us to this great cafe. Let's do it again soon, except only if you let us pay for a change.
Here are some pics from their site.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

man of many talents

Andrew is having an intense semester spread between 18 credits and 3 intramural sports. All teams are now in the playoff tournament to determine who are the champs. Tonight Drew had a football game. With snow pouring down as if it was a blizzard, he stilled maintained to get a touchdown.

The bummer is that we think he really strained or even tore his hamstring. As hours pass, he can hardly even walk on it. It is sensitive to touch when I was trying to rub some bio freeze on it. We're icing it for now and hoping for a quick recovery.

Because Drew spends so much time in the books, the sport's outlet is really huge. It is a good way to get his mind off school and be a guy by doing what guys like to do--sports. He has a soccer game and another football game this week. We'll see if he's good to go. Sure hope so!

Photography 101

Yep, I'm taking a photography class. I've been anticipating this one for a while. I signed up for this class a few months ago. Nicole Hill's blog is a favorite. That is how I was originally introduced to her work. I thrilled to be soaking up a bit of her knowledge now.

Because I'm in the 101 class, we went over the basics of aperture, shutter speed, composition and much more. All of which is worth reviewing and learning more fully to further whatever skills I already have. I have a long way to go but I'm excited to work on it.

I don't regret studying finance; however, a part of me wished I did something like photography. I enjoy the creativity and spontaneity. I anticipate persuing this hobby. Meanwhile, I've got to get to work. We have quite a bit of homework to upload to her site that Nicole plans on scrutinizing in the class.

P.S. I love digital, don't get me wrong. It has so many amazing perks. However, a part of me wishes I could learn on film that forces us to be maticulouse and make each picture count. Digital spoils us.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Do you see the correlation?

We went to a fun couple's party at Laura and Brandon's house. We played ping pong in the dark with tiki torches around, had amazing pinata, and decorated/ate carmel apples.

fall leaves

The leaves were vibrant up in the mountains a month ago. Recently, they have been colorful down in the valley. After this weekends rain, they have all about fallen.