Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CHA--Crafts & Hobby Association

I'm far more rested up from yesterday's down post, and I've realized that I'll be with my husband this time tomorrow. Whew! Having said that, I'd love to expound a bit more of what I've been doing this past week. Although it's work, I've really enjoyed myself and truly been amazed.

Twice a year is the CHA convention where vendors come from all over for to sell basically to corporate on down to the local store. Specifically speaking about American Crafts, we made appointments with top clients from our particular states to show them the new releases.

We had a great booth. It was 100 ft. long and mirrored on both sides. We had one of the biggest boths really--we carry such a broad line. I can post some pictures later.
What I'm getting at was the amazement of the various vendors. Sure you have the respectable Corolla Crayons and Elmer's glue and other names that ring a bell, but there were also some flat out crafty people with some crafty ideas. Classes are held to introduce new things and expand the industry really. American Crafts is mostly involved with the scrapbooking, gift wrap lines, and wedding invitation sector. However, when it comes to crafts there are some snazy things out there. The show floor is endless too of various vendors. I had a chance to walk around today and I was blown away.
I hardly want to include this on the blog, but Paris Hilton had some sort of release and was there. Jane Seymour was too. The hype was a little redic. But I think Jane is one of the most beautiful people I wrinkles.

Anyways, I'm motivated by the crafty and innovated people apart of the broad industry. What a treat to be among the crafty of crafty. I'm inspired.


Steve and Dayna said...

I am always amazed by really crafty people. how fun you got to do and be a part of all that!

Rachel Ricchio said...

i'm sorry i couldn't have been apart of your "fun" filled weekend in anaheim!