Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goal #2: Restore the Cowgirl in Mary Martha

Andrew and I only have a couple years left here in Utah before we head off to who knows where. I want to take full advantage of riding horses beucase I know when I don't have the chance to do so, I'm really going to miss it.

As weird as this sounds, riding horses isn't just about the fun. It provides for a bit of emotional healing at times, and stability to the mind as thoughts can just run away. Horses are a great source of companionship too. When I started dating Drew, he filled that void and I wasn't looking to ride as much. It is a great release. It was a great get-a-way from basektball, that's for sure. When I started dating Andrew, I just didn't need it as much so I thought. But I've gotta get back into it. I've neglected a part of myself and really miss it. And I've neglected the horses as well. Remember in the Toy Story 2 when the girl leave behind the doll... and then song plays "When Somebody Loved Me." I cried in that song. I did that to Melody and don't want to do the same to the horses out here.

This year I'm going to plan out days to ride. It won't be easy with my work and Drew's school, but that is why I'm going to plan in advance.


Mari Kjar said...

i like this direction. looking forward to seeing you soon. new year!!

Nate said...

I still want in Mary Martha. This has been a goal of mine for I can't even remember how long. I will pay you, give drew a back massage, and even give an impression of "Don't fear the Reaper" but you've gotta help me learn to ride a horse.

PS- I fully agree with you on how its not just about having fun--there is something much deeper.