Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There is no eloquont or savoy way to say it except... I flat out miss my husband. It hurts too--bad!

This month we've been apart almost two weeks really. To be exact, I was gone six days in IL and then together for 6 days before I left again for a week...all for work. I'm busy on the road so my time is occupied, but at the end of the day I'm exhausted and lowly, I miss Drew so bad. I've had people tell me, "Just wait till your married a few years." I don't ever want to get accustomed or complacent with this.

For now, duty calls. But it pains in the process.

Before the convention began, a couple of us went to Disney Land. After all, it is walking distance from where we are staying. I tried to have fun and tell my self that I was lucky to be there blah blah, but I could hardly enjoy myself doing so without my husband. Now I sound needy, and I'm not. It's just that I want to be and enjoy fun things together. & it just kills to be apart for so long. It's really started to take a toll.

Tonight I'm just having a moment. I usually do quite well. Like I said, work keeps me really really busy. Here are the convention we have appointmnets to meet with clients all day. From 7 am to 6 pm really. At least when I'm traveling to clients on the road, I'm able to talk to Drew between appointments and check in. Here, I don't even have time to eat which means I don't have time to talk to Drew until so late. It's just hard.

But I'm okay. I just needed to be heard.


Meggera said...
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Meggera said...

I hear ya girl! When I had to travel it would kill me. I would call Greg and beg him to talk to me until I fell asleep. There were some days where the combination of stress from work, exhaustion, and missing my husband so badly had me ending the day in tears begging him to jump on the next flight to D.C. You complain all you want... after all, you are the one who is away from home!

Pierce and Stacy said...

I could never imagine that, Pierce and I are so inseparable. I understand how you feel. I'm sorry Mar. Maybe we could invite Drew over so he's not so lonely.

Steve and Dayna said...

I hear you sista!!! I hate when Steve and I have to be apart for long periods of time. He went out of town recently and I was dying! I couldn't even make the most of it by going out and having fun.. I just sulked all alone and watched movies. ha.

Suzie and Chadd said...

I don't believe it gets better....Chadd and I had not been away from eachother overnight until well after our first anniversary and then it's so hard everytime! I went to Louisiana w/o him a few months back and was there for 10 days and even though I was with my family I was sooo homesick!!

Suzie and Chadd said...

There's no being needy about it...you should "need" eachother that's the best part about marriage!!