Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've had an inner struggle recently in trying to decide which direction to go with our blog. Of coarse, when I started I anticipated writing about us and whats going on in our life as a way to keep family and friends posted. What motivated me most is "booking our blog." I can't wait to get it printed into a book to where it become a journal on the shelf for us really. I've seen them before and they're amazing. What a fun way to keep a journal.

However, I think about blogging quite a bit and my thoughts on what to blog about have taken a different direction. I'm more hesitant on flashing all our adventures on the Internet for whomever to see, so I can't imagine the hesitation (I obviously don't hesitate that much) when we have kids.

It's funny how the mind works... I often think in blogging terms. That's not a linear thought process either. It's a way to be creative and think and express which is important for many but vital for me. I find myself holding back from blogging about things, ideas, fashion, color, and favorites because it doesn't seem to sink with the whole "andrewandmarymartha" blog theme. So bare with me if I venture out a bit. Maybe I'll move in that direction. Don't get me wrong, I love to express joy and talk about some of the fun things going on in our life. But I don't want to advertise and on a day to day basis, there are some very exciting things going on in my mind that I just need to express-blog about!


Rachel Ricchio said...

umm all i can say is i ALWAYS love reading your blog. even if it's about petty stuff which it NEVER is. okay love?! you're missed in so cal.

The Parkers said...

I hope you dont change how you have been blogging I love that you actually write about your life and expierences it lets us all know whats going on and Everything you write about always touches me in some way or another. If your worried about sharing to many details and ecspecially when you have children just go private that way you can control who sees your blog and i hope im on that list ;) I also love your 3 goals.. I love you Mary Martha I think you are one of the sweetest and real person that I have ever met.. you know what you want and that is something I admire most about you!!!