Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bridal Fair Fun

I assume that once most get married, then they cease to read bridal magazine and think about 'the perfect wedding day.' Not me... I think back to my wedding day often. In large part, it was perfect. However, my taste continues to evolve and I have new opinions that I didn't necessarily have 9 months ago. But no regrets... just a continual passion and fond interest for wedding occasions and everything involved.

I was thrilled to be going with my best bud, Angela to the bridal fair. And it just so happened that another friend had interest in looking around as well--Laura. Whether one is engaged, married, or has no love interest at all, wedding/bridal talk is so much fun. It's a dreamy day that I have spent much time thinking about pre & post wedding.

This is Angela and I waiting for the 'runway show' to begin.
This vendor was advertising for a bridal package at the spa.
No offense, but you see a lot of tacky things at bridal fairs. I don't know if it is because the most respectable names don't really have to lure people in their booths or if it is because a lot of people at fairs are starting out their clientele.
But this booth really stood out. I could tell that Mellissa Blackburn was a very talented custom dress maker. The dresses on display were truly unique and much like art work.
What really through me off was that the designer looked so familiar. So we visited and exchanged names trying to make the connection. When she said she had worked at Sundance, it all came together. She might have managed the grill but was a VERY familiar face--not to my surprise considering my family is obsessed with the grill.
She then was saying that my name sounded very familiar. And then I looked down and her display book and saw my sister Katie! She made Katie's dress which was so beautiful and intricate. That was the name connection. I can tell Mellissa is very passionate about what she does and very selective with the clientele and work she takes on. She is very creative and expressive in her work and gets really into it.
Maybe one day I will have something creative and expressive in mind that she can pull together.
This was some of the pics of Katie on display.


Steve and Dayna said...

Fun! i love katie's dress in those pics--it is GORGEOUS! What is the designer's name?

Steve and Dayna said...

ok nvm... its Melissa Blackburn- duh

Anonymous said...

Your wedding and wedding dress were so beautiful. I like how you designed your wedding dress. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox I am so proud of your blogging!!!