Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did you know...

...that if your candle spills over 5 hours worth of accumulated wax onto a carpet floor, that there is a way for it to come up?

I thought surely there was no way, till Andrew came home, did some research, and saved the day.

All you have to do (it actually takes a lot of time) is scrape up what you can--which is not much-- and then let ice settle on the clump. This enables you to get some more pieces that are brittle to the cold ice I guess. Then you take brown paper bags--one at a time--and lay them on top of the spot and iron it. It took Andrew about 30+ bags worth of ironing. Basically, the paper bag soaks up the wax melted all over again by the iron. Isn't that neat!

On a similar note, my husband is so sweet and kind. He took full responsibility and matters into his own hands for the wax pile. He does this time and time again. He's amazing. He takes these type of things as challenges and goes for it. This reminds me of buying our everything from IKEA and he built for days like it was no big deal. Thanks for being so wonderful!

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Steve and Dayna said...

What a MAN! You married well Mary :)

Interesting about cleaning wax. Hope I never have to do it- but I'm glad I at least know how!