Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I really don't have to much to say except that I went in my spare time one night with the girls. Although my vote was to go to the mall, we had a great time--not having to pay either was nice. Disney would make for an expensive passion. We are both M&M's. Get it?

There was about 15 of us from work that came to the show. Us girls had to stick together cuase we were out numbered by the guys. LaDawn, next to me, is the assistant for company pres. Never a dull moment with her. Brittney dominated customer service. She is so helpful with complex clients. And Brooke came this trip to demo one our new prodcuts for everyone. She was my roomy. Such a great mother of four who looks like she is 23.

My highlight of the night wasn't a ride in particular. Rather it was when we were walking around and I looked over and saw the owners of our company hanging out side a ride. The owners (three brothers) love the Toy Story ride. They paid the big bucks just to ride it over and over again. After riding it twice, it broke down and they had to wait out side. ha! Later the riude started back up and we all competed. It was fun. I saw first hand that there is no age limit for disney land. Even dads can go without their kids.


Steve and Dayna said...

I have never been to disney land.... disney world in florida, yes, but never disney land... I wanna go! It looks like so much fun!!!

Dayna said...

I can't believe you wanted to go to the mall instead of disney!!!!! Man, andrew has to work on you to become a "true checketts" (of course you are a true checketts....but I think hires and disney run through their blood!) Just a few more trips with us and we will sell you on it I PROMISE!