Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

We've had a special V-day celebrating it in out own special way. We're actually in St. Louis for the weekend with Drew's family. There wasn't enough room for everyone at the apartment so we're enjoying a fun stay at the Westin in down town.

Andrew takes full advantage of holidays and birthdays to do something special for me. So I tried to thinking of something good...

I ended up typing out a 'love letter' and blowing it up at Kinko's. I then folded it up in a homemade envelope...personalized Valentine.

Andrew was thoughtful and generous. He got me some warm socks to keep me warm on the road because he's not there to do so. And he got me a massage to my favorite girl at Remedez. He is so sweet.

Thanks for another great Valentine!


Pierce and Stacy said...

Love it Mar. You are so creative, I love the big blown-up card.

Steve and Dayna said...

What a cute and creative idea!! You guys are adorable.

Rachel Ricchio said...

oh my word! the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!! we're in need of a phone chat. i'll do the calling, and you do the answering.