Thursday, February 5, 2009

On a Shaklee kick

Although I think Shaklee is a bit extreme with the Go Green movement, I'm invested--but i hardly have a choice.

Long sob story short... I'm experiencing 50-60% hair loss (says my dermatologist). Much has got to change or I'll go bald. It's terrible.

Every girl some time or another experiences some kind of hair loss. In times past, when I shower I clog the drain. But this is different. This is falling out scary much and not even able to comb through the hair or else patches follow thereafter.

(Sorry if this is gross... I'm getting to the Shaklee--Go Green--point.)

I had some blood work today (you probably heard me screaming bloody murder. I can't help it though. I'm a needleaphobic and always pitch a fit. Drew was so helpful though to help me cope.) We'll see what that report says--could be Thyroids or unusually low Iron deficiency. Which I know I've always had that. When I played bball I had to take pills because you have to have some particular Iron count to meet NCAA regulations. But now without bball, I guess I've let myself go.

In the meantime (while we attempt to tighten up my hair follicles) i have to rub a steroid on my scalp everynight and keep the hair washing to a minimum (the water weighs it down and pulls it right out.) He also recommended I cut my hair to release weight. forget it!

Unfortunately, this isn't an overnight fix. I'm so impatient about this. This has been going on for a couple months. It's been upsetting, but I really do have so much faith that this will all come through.

So I'm told to take lots of Iron. Before I even had a chance to go to the store and get some pills, mom was all over it. She called her natural health Dr. to get me a diagnostic appointment to become a current (which I can't get in till August she is so booked). Then mom overnighted me biotic hair wash that was recommended by her (another all natural thing). And then she's got me going with $300 of Shaklee vitamins. Again, I'm invested. I'm going to be screaming vitamins in a couple weeks time. If this doesn't fix it, I don't know what will.

I enjoyed researching the Shaklee way though. I think the house cleansing products are a bit extreme for me right now, but the natural vitamins seem to be the way to go--says mom and Oprah at least.

If Shaklee doesn't change the world, it's going to change me. The fact that I'm on a 'balding timeline' freaks me out.


Rachel Ricchio said...

OMG!!!! I'm so sorry!!! even if your hair falls out (which you have tons of it, so i'm pretty sure it looks amazing) you will always be GORGEOUS to me, your husband, and the fam. that's for sure.

Stacy Girl said...

Maybe you're stressed. I'm sure you've heard that before. And I knew about the Iron thing and all those pills!! :) You'll be just fine, like you said... you have faith. I wouldn't want to see your beautiful long hair go. I love it. Good luck, let me know if I can do anything for you. Love you!

Steve and Dayna said...

If it makes you feel any better I didn't even notice a difference at the gym and your hair looked beautiful. I am sure everything will get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take your vitamins!!! Love you, MOM