Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I could hardly believe seeing Stila makeup in Costco the other night. Andrew couldn't understand why I had to take a picture.

Memories flooded back when I saw the Stila gloss in Costco. Stila was my first love when I started wearing makeup. Maybe thats why I hardly have any interest now-- I was crazy about it then. I so highly revered whatever I had gotten in it that I wouldn't even use it--I was preserving it for special ocassions. To this day I still have Stila that's only to be used on special occassions.

I know it's not really that specail. But to a 11/12 yr. old girl, it was the best stuff ever. I wasn't able to get it in the local departments in LA., which made it a treat and special thing when we traveled to bigger cities that carried it.

I will say, they do a great job with marketing and packaging. And you can get 3 great tubes of gloss at Costco for $14.99.
I'm low to no maintenance when it comes to makeup; however, stila will forever be my favorite and first love in the makeup world.


ashley said...

haha! that's so cute! Don't you LOVE costco? Instead of going for the stila, I go for the rotisserie chicken. It's the best!

Steve and Dayna said...

WOW. That is too funny- I totally remember Stila too! It was the high end make up that was totally cool to have. haha! I think I had like one stila item, what a loser I was, and I think it was a lip gloss with the stick you use to put it on and yo get it out of the circles of gloss in the silver compartment (like an eyeshadow).

Oh and I LOVE Costco. They always have nifty stuff there.