Tuesday, February 10, 2009

visitors are so much fun!

A week ago, my friend Lindsey Mayard came to visit from Stanford. She's a really neat girl that I anticipate staying in touch with.

We met this summer working at Morgan Stanly. We were both doing the summer thing except she was/is getting an MBA at Stanford and I was just there for the summer exposure post udergrad. We hit it off there with no time... not only did we share the common denominator of bball (Linds played basketball at Rice), but also Linds is engaged and I had just been recently married. With high morals and values, it's rare to find someone so distinguishable of her caliber.

I was pleased to have her in town visiting. I got to know Linds much better & we had a blast. The four of us, my husband and Dave Jensen, were four peas in a pod all weekend. Dave was an MBA summer associate at Morgan Stanley too. He is finishing his MBA at BYU. Although I didn't know him before, we learned that we knew a lot of the same people and had many of the same friends--he played baseball at the Y.

We visited temple square, went to Hires, skied, ate on Park City main, talked long hours, rock band, ate at the Wakefields, went to church, super bowl party, watched movies...

ANYWAYS, the weekend went by fast and there wasn't enough time to do everything. I guess Linds will come see us again soon. I hope!

I failed to mention that Lindsey is getting a dual masters from Stanford in education as well. I'm so impressed. Just in case private wealth doesn't work out she will have the versatility. I love hearing about other girls going strong with education. I'm so motivated. But rather than just the obvious of work and education, Lindsey is such an amazing person.

Our snow outfits. Linds had the full gear ready to go.

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