Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Changing my name...

has been a nightmare! Certainly it is not this bad for everyone else.

I think the Martha really throws things off cause I put it with my first name (maybe I should hypenate it) so it is not dropped as they do wtih middle names all the time.

The tax stuff (which I know nothing about) is really complicating the task at hand. This summer at Morgan Stanley my name was Mary Abell-Checketts, according to my ID that I needed to get in the building. They dropped the middle of coarse. I tried just doing Checketts but because I didn't have an ID, that didn't fly. So I HAD to hypenate the last name.

With my work now, that is a bit more lax, it's Mary Martha Checketts, as it should be.

Problem: My social security card doesn't match either of the names (from my different jobs) for tax filing. And I can't just change my name to meet the one becasue they are both different.

Meanwhile I have people telling me, "You have to have the Abell in there." Apparently, it is much more conveniant to have the madian name somewhere in the pic. Example I was given odd enough: if I need to get a key to my parent's room at the hotel... ID is required

Although people dropping the Martha has made me nuts sometimes growing up, my name has been great. For example, mom and I used to fly under the same name. Think about it... Mary Martha Abell is the same as Martha Abell. I used to be a medallion flyer becuase we flew under the same name and could rack up the points. And if I needed to use her CC, my ID was accepted as well. I can't tell you how many times the same name was so useful. I even got a ticket before in her car, and it went towards her insurance. Just Kidding! But I could of I'm sure... I think it is the neatest thing to be named after my mom. I'm so proud about that. But let it be know... I don't want to hypenate my name by any means. But the social security people and tax people are making it quite hard to do without. My Lousisiana ID still says 'Abell.' I could make the process a lot easier probably if I went and changed my license. But I refuse to have a Utah ID. So I will have to wait till I get home.

I've even had someone ask me, becuase they heard, if I wanted to hypenate our children's name. Can you imagine? I just went with it.
I've decided I need one of these. I had someone in a bridal store recomend this months ago and I had forgotten all about it till now.

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