Thursday, March 26, 2009

Does Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?

Of coarse, my mom read this book and insists I do the same. My mom is 'anti clutter.' I'm getting there. Whenever my mom buys me something (clothes, decor, est.), she always says, "For everything that goes in, something must go out."

I've been putting some of the principles of this book to serious practice.

When mom came in town a week ago, one of the first thing we did was go to ranch to clean out all my "crap." Put it this way... I brought a lot of stuff out to college--all the sentimental things on top of the necessities.

Every year I moved, I would take the 'extras' and put them out there. So for the past four years, I got away with storing my mess in not one but 4 different closets. I even had some lingering wedding gifts.

Since I've been storing things at the cabin, I got a storage unit. So when mom came in town, we had a mission to take everything out of the cabin and move it to the storage unit.

Sorry to make this story longer than needs be. But the house got ransacked a couple months ago. Not much was taken, but someone broke in and turned upside down all the bed spreads (as if there was money there) and every drawer was pulled open--many out on the floor. And the funny part is all the closets (my stuff) were thrown into the halls and picked apart. It was embarrassing but hilarious to see my stuff everywhere. I had saved some silly stuff. For example, I had a door knob hanger thing of a frog that says "One Day My Prince Will Come." That's cute for a freshman in the dorms huh? I kept it to put in my hope chest.

Anyways... I gave away trash bags worth of stuff--great stuff too. I took some to the DI. I had a ton of bball bags and clothes that I had put up there when I was swimming in that stuff. I'm not exaggerating--I had about 15trash bags worth of stuff that I dumped.

By this books standards, I drooped some serious lbs. & it felt really good!

I don't know the turnover time with getting things to DI and it getting out on the floor. But they got some good stuff... Don't get me wrong, there is some sorry stuff there too.

After I dropped the lbs. at the ranch. I went to the storage unit and dropped another 10 lbs. there too.

My life has been consolidated. I'm on a roll. I've been getting rid of things in my closet to. Whew!

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Steve and Dayna said...

Moving for us was such a perfect time to clear out the crap. It felt so good to go through it all and just get rid of stuff. I can't believe you guys were broken into though- but I guess it forced you to go through it all which is a good thing, right?