Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Bday!!!

It's not just any birthday but it's my sisters & my dad's bday. I've always thought it was so cool that they get to celebrate that together.

They had a fun dinner party in Louisiana last weekend. March is always a hard time to get away. But one of these years, I'm going to be there.


Suzie and Chadd said...

hey..I wanna see some pics of Helen's new little man! Tell her to either update her blog or email you some good ones so we can check him out!! He must be gettting big now! By the way, you and Andrew should plan a vegas gettaway for the first weekend of May so you can come to our baby blessing. Love ya girl!!

Steve and Dayna said...

One day away from my own! Thats cute they share the same birthday. I was talking to this guy that works at J-dawgs. He and his wife share the same birthday and their daughter was born on their anniversary. Talk about a lot of sharing.