Friday, March 6, 2009

I lack the gumption...

If I could I would, but I'm just not there yet...nor do I ever think or deep down want to be there. I'm not an extremest really. Which is kinda weird to declare because I've been called an extremest before by a close friend.

But a part of me wishes I'd boycott China product/travel all together.

I won't even talk about China's roll in Tibet. But what about all the appalling human right deprivations--poor working conditions and 'starvation wages.' I'm grateful for freedom of speech--I understand citizens are jailed and even tortured who speak out against the government or practice religion outside of gov. approval. That's just ridiculous.

What motivated these thoughts--and post really--is a client I've been talking with from Texas. She is very inquisitive to know what exactly we manufacture here in the states and what come from China. I respect her for only acquiring American made product.

I'm SO SO grateful to live in a free country and practice religion of choice and to be able to say "Obama is awful" at my own discretion.

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