Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monster in the Attic...

A few times a week I find myself asking, "Is this really happening again?" Surely, this can't be real. It doesn't get old. We have a complete crazy living above us.

First of all, she started playing Christmas music in early October--so loud we couldn't sleep. It continued till late February. One night, we couldn't take it any more. We had been banging with a broom stick up to the roof for one night too many. So Drew went up to knock on her door and 'have a chat.' Her neighbor was knocking on the door too. She never answered the door.

We see her leave her apartment every so often and we've tried talking to her. But she won't look us in the eye and always is booking it. We actually really feel sorry for her. She is about 45 and lives alone up there. Twice though we've heard a guy over there absolutely yelling at her and calling her all sorts of terrible names. We don't know where he came from or who he is.

Oh and her parking spot is golden and always open (she doesn't have a car) so we parked there a couple time. One night we got 'note attacked.' There were notes all over the car with threats and crazies.

And now... she is currently belting it out to Scarlet Pimpernel. We can here her just singing it as loud as she can. She must be acting it out too. Cause we're hearing thuds and bangs as well.

When it interferes with sleep, we struggle. But for now, Andrew is singing along. He loves the soundtrack as well.

She doesn't really look like but you get the picture--

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Steve and Dayna said...

THAT IS AWFUL!!!! but funny (sorry). What a crazy woman. Reminds me so much of this movie I saw with Steve (can not remember the name but when I do I will have you guys watch it- ha!)