Sunday, March 15, 2009

You never cease to AMAZE me...

Andrew just returned from a fun weekend in Vegas with his brother Spencer. Spence has a radio show so he was busy covering the Mountain West tournament. Andrew always enjoys being with Spence who is sports omnipotent.

Drew's arrival back home was enough to overwhelm me, but on top of that he brought me a pleasant surprise full of love and thoughtfulness.

This past summer when my mom came to NYC to visit, we spent a couple nights at the Carlyle. This was a rare treat to be staying at such a nice hotel. You know how hotels have complementary soaps and lotions that they supply in the bathroom? Well this hotel supplied us with the travel sized "Kiehl's since 1851" lotions, face cream, and shampoos. I was familiar with Kiehl's because every time I'm in Nordstroms or a nice department store, I test their lotion. It is the best! So when we stayed in this hotel, I confiscated all the complimentary items there so the next day when the maid came to clean, she would restock us with a new supply.

I'm a hoarder of Kiehl's!

Andrew and I never really talked about this, but he obviously noticed. I stretched those items to last me a good while too. I love Kiehl's. The lotion and face cream is like no other.

So Drew returned from his weekend away with a Kiehl's kit for me. He picked out each piece that he knew I would love... and explained each, one at a time to me. He had even learned which lotion was their best seller.

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Steve and Dayna said...

What a man!!! I have never heard of that stuff but it sounds awesome- and your skin is always looking good.