Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harold vs. Carras

I come from a strong blood line of tennis players. I've kind of broke the mold with that one--I don't like picking up the tennis balls.  But my brother... amazing!

In fact, Harold has won 4 straight years of the intramural championship at BYU.  Yep, he's got 4 of the coveted intramural championship shirts.

He played some D-1 transfers too that were playing intramurals.  Intense!

And then we've got Carras, my brother-in-law who is quite a player himself. He dominates at the family tourney in Sun Valley each year.  He plays with a ton of power. 

He won a state championship at Fairview High in Boulder, CO.  Andrew and I had heard of the 'coveted pic' that still hangs at the high school.  Since we're close by, we had to go and see. 

We were rolling.  Good ole 1993.  The bandanna is a classic.

Coming full circle... the questions is "Who do you put your money on?"

I'm with Harold. Sorry Carras!

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kate said...

I worship you guys for taking the time to find that picture!!! How hot is my man. Love that bandana.