Friday, April 17, 2009

I can hardly believe we just celebrated our first anniversary!
It's been a year. I still think about my wedding day constantly all in the time. In fact, Drew didn't fly in till 10 last Saturday. So went for a jog and the whole time I thought about our wedding. I had renewed energy while I was running as I was reliving the moment.

We made our anniversary a fun one. I was coming from Minnesota and Drew was coming from New York after some internship interviews. Our 'getaway' was in Salt Lake. We ate at a favorite only second to Sundance--The Roof Restaurant.
There was a Real game which was perfectly appropriate for our anniversary because we did go to a game the day after we got married--loyal fans.
We went to Antro, Whole Foods, Sugar n' Sprice too...

I loved loved our colors and the dupiani (sp?) silk. But those colors didn't extend beyond the dresses and guy's ties. Everything else was ivory and gold.

Loved loved our cake. The groom's cake was a red velvet. I only wish I would have done our wedding cake the same. We switched up every layer of flavoring instead. But no regrets...

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Steve and Dayna said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Woot Woot!!! You guys make one beautiful couple. Sounds like you had a perfect celebration. Congrats!