Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm still on an anniversary/wedding high....

Our festivities lingered for a good 3 months times. After getting married in Utah, we returned to Louisiana a week later to do a party at our house. My mom did a really great job with it. I didn't do a thing--just showed up to beautiful flowers and a great tent overlooking the river. It was good to be home and celebrate with those I've known for so long.
My grandmother was so cute. She stood at the front door and greeted all the guests. After all, she know everyone in town.
The family. Harold wore his seersucker suit. Dad would his Seersucker sports coat.
I'm so glad Drew's family came. We got to show them a little of Louisiana.
We've known Mr. Melvin for a while. He helped serve the food and drinks.
Katie and Courtney were a riot.

After going on a few day plantation tour, we headed on our honeymoon. Once we got back, we returned to to Connecticut where we lived for the summer as we both worked.

Andrew's family had a party celebration on our behalf. That's the best way I know to describe it. We had been married for 3 months. We ate and danced the night away.

As you can see, my dad & Dave were wearing a pink vineyard vine bow tie. It was great! All the groomsmen did as well. Andrew wore the matching pink vineyard vine tie. He didn't want to do the bow tie. Complete credit must be given to Katie for this fun idea.

Katie was in charge of making this party happen... and she did. I was so impressed with everything she came up with.
Thank goodness for pictures. i didn't remember the intricacies of these great arrangements.

I had my dress made for our rehersal dinner. I wore it again for this party. I loved it!
Kent Breard is Harold's best friend. After being at BYU for 4 years, he took a job in New York. So he was able to come to the party. It was so much fun having him there.
Two amazing things about this picture--the red velvet cake and the great balloon figures. Katie had the funnest balloon guy there to do fun things while for the kids and for dancing props. The red velvet cake was AMAZING... something about Martha Stewart's baker did it.
Lilly and Drew make great dancing partners.
Where's Katie?



TeamWatkins said...

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! Those pics are amazing! You are so lucky to have such great memories and so many wonderful people to share them with. I wish I could have been there. Miss you, hun!

amandatimoteo said...

I loved your wedding and party pics. You have the best taste ever. Everything was gorgeous!!