Sunday, May 10, 2009

91 degrees and VERY humid...

was what went down this time last week.  I could hardly believe that I was in Utah's snow a week prior and then this sauna sensation 24/7. I soaked it up--literally.   

Come on, it feels good to sweat. 

What started as a run for Drew and I turned into a walk. I'm not going to
 blame it all on my wind. I could hardly believe I was in such a beautiful subdivision.

Just a block off the Riverwalk were these beautiful homes built in mid to late 1800's.  The home above is a bed and breakfast that overlooks the Riverwalk. 

You can't really see it, but I loved the inner roofs of the balcony painted blue.  Most all the homes had it done that way. Mom has our balcony roof done the sa

Immodest me... Our original run turned into the longest walk ever.  Got hungry and stopped for some Tex Mex--Drew's absolute favorite.

  The entertainment that came to our table was very talented. 

The view from our room.  I was so happy to be here.  I was in San Antonio 2 months prior for work. One night I walked on the Riverwalk for the first time. It made me really miss Drew cause it's so instantly romantic.  So I was overwhelming happy to be back but with him this time. 

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