Friday, May 8, 2009

Color Forecast...

I don't even know what that means. Long story short, I had a client (heavily involved with wedding invites and that industry) lecture me about it a month ago. 

Apparently, it was something I really needed to know.   I haven't stopped thinking about it since.  I can't quite get my mind around the logic.  I'm still not convinced there is one. 

Did you know there is really a color forecast out there predicting AND defining 5 years out? 

Forget it!

They all work work for me.  I love color.  But I'd rather not have a 'forecast' dictate this and that.

* Last night, I told Drew I was going to make a 'mad salad' for dinner.  Not just any salad would work for dinner, the biggest meal of the day. But a 'mad salad' hits the spot.  

I was at the grocery thinking in color, then taste of course too. had the yellow onions as well as the red--make for good variety--carrots, apples, the works!

It fit right in.

Extra note: It wasn't till we sat down to eat that I sighed at how beautiful everything was. I got to thinking about how I love being colorful. & how naturally I cling to color.  But I didn't plan dinner around it to begin with. 


Steve and Dayna said...

yummy. i LOVE the color!

TeamWatkins said...

Is that seriously your table??? It is lovely! I love those flowers and the table setting is adorable. You have such great style!