Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derby Day...

If you could choose one sporting event to attend, what would it be?  

Without question, I'd say the Kentucky Derby.  

So when I got the following text from my dad today I couldn't stop grinning at the thought of it.

Kentucky Derby Day. I can see you turning heads there in a fashionable hat. Maybe someday I will be seen there with my pretty gals and Mommece (my mom's nickname per my nephew). Us men being secondary to the scene. 

What a dad!  He's always known I wanted to go.  We'll see...

A few years back, my parents took me to see a knee specialist in Cincinnati.  We made some time to explore the beautiful barns in Lexington.  Seeing Churchill Downs was special enough. I can't imagine being there for the real deal.  

Dad took me to my first horse racing experience. I wore a jockey type shirt that had the big polo horse in the upper right corner with a big jockey number on the back. I thought it was perfect for the event. I went and quickly learned otherwise.  But we had such a good time. I learned a lot. There is much leading up to the actual race. It is neat to see the owners parade around their horse as trainers warm them up. And then the jockey comes out as confidant yet as tiny as could be.  People are betting right and left. The odds are constantly changing based on how the horses demeanor as they parade around before the race. 

It's all so exciting--the experience, the owners, the spectators, the jockeys, but most of all the horses.  From a TV viewership stand point, the coverage leading up the race is amazing. Each horse has its own story--trainers and owners too. 

Just in case the opportunity presents itself, I'll be ready to go. A good looking hat isn't something you can just go and get.  So I'm going to be on the look out. 

A friend recommended this site. It's a good start for one with aspirations for the hat parade. 


Steve and Dayna said...

I, like your Dad, can totally envision you in some adorable hat at the Kentucky Derby. And you would turn heads left and right no doubt.

kate said...