Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was hosting...

a bridal shower for my dear friend Angela who is friends with everyone in town. I knew I was going to need more chairs for people to sit down.  Knowing I'm scrimp on space, I decided stools was just what I needed--they go up as opp0sed to out. & I have a tiny bar space to store them.

But where do you get cute stools.  Ah ha!

DIY (aka: do it yourself)

I went to a wood store on Center Street that was sure to have them and got going from there.  I mod podged the following.

I used the Salt Lake tribune on my first.  

I used a People Mag on my second.  Surely one day I'll look at these pics and have a good laugh.

Tim & Faith earned the top and center spot.  Doesn't mean a whole lot though cause O.J is right up there with them--not on purpose, I was running out of pics and only had only tabloid laying around to work with.

The top of my stool


Rachel Ricchio said...

haha. you're funny. so cute!

Dayna said...

those look awesome MM! Great creativity!

Also, have fun in DC this week before Drew goes for his internship, and remember to call me when you need family! I know how it feels to have a husband away.....

Dayna said...

i love your mod podge stools!