Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of the most refreshing conversations...

Andrew and I often enjoy together is talking about our families/in-laws.  Unless my husband really has me fooled, we both really enjoy being with each other's family.  It means the world to me to hear Drew complement my family.

On the reverse, I ADORE my in-laws.  It's always a treat to be with them--especially the entire clan together. 

Last weekend was a big hit. For the most part, we just enjoyed down time and being together.

My highlights of the weekend were simple yet significant...
- Eating a big bowel of berries watching all the guys play soccer in the backyard.  My mother-in-law joined in as a goalie. 
- Hearing my niece sing all the lyrics to Part of Your World--Little Mermaid
- Spending time in the kitchen with 'sistas'
- Feasting in the dinning room as everyone shared a b-day tribute to Grandpa.
- Memorial Day Parade
- Sleeping in Lilly's dreamy room
-Flying into White Plains, NY as opposed to JFK--makes a huge difference in travel.
-Gellato run, Starbucks, Club Sandwich
- Holding Molly in church as she repeated her first and favorite word over and over again--'wow' (dramaticised out).

Andrew's parents were kind enough to take us to the Coldplay concert as well.  I didn't have many expectations at all. I was just glad to be with the crew. Little did I know... Coldplay is AMAZING.    A great song would come on and I found myself saying multiple times, "They sing this too?" I had no idea.  

Chris Martin was so entertaining--very interactive with the crowd.  He is extremely talented of course. I was blown away really...

So enthused on the piano


Mari Kjar said...

you saw coldplay?! probably one of my top favs ever. that's exciting. y'all are truly on the move- anywhere and everywhere. thank goodness for the blog to fill in the blanks!! love you mm!!

Dayna said...

What a fun weekend! Its so nice to have such great in-laws. I know I lucked out in that department too. You always hear people say they have "crazy" in-laws or something... what a blessing it is to be married into great family- which I see you have (which really is no surprise as just knowing Andrew you can tell he comes from a great family).